Victoria & Albert Museum World Beach Art, Stone Mosaic Garden Inspiration

September 2, 2015

Here is what is inspiring me today. The World Beach Project it is an online gallery of art made by all kinds of people. It features stones gathered on beaches from around the globe. The project was devised by artist-in-residence Sue Lawty in association with the always inspiring Victoria & Albert Museum. Building on the experience many of us have of creating patterns on beaches and shorelines, the World Beach Project combines “the simplicity of pattern-making with the complexities of shape, size, color, tone, composition, similarity and difference.” It is open to anybody, anywhere, of any age.

I thought these great pieces of impromptu art were such a nice inspiration for all sorts of garden pebble art, stone work and mosaic projects.

Each is listed with their artist, when and where they were made.

beach pebble art via
‘Porth Ysgo, Wales ‘
Katie Hutchinson
12 September 2009

“I really liked the small reddish stones and I used them to make a pattern”
stone mosaic garden inspiration via
‘Climping, West Sussex’
Vanessa and Charlotte Dadswell
11 September 2009

“We took our inspiration from Hokusai. The grey and white pebbles were especially suitable for this.”
stacked stone inspiration
‘Boggle Hole’
Daniel Teasdale
11 September 2009

“This work was completed as part of a school residential trip and was inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy.”
andy goldsworthy beach pebble art via
‘Kvithella, Nesna’
Ingunn Solberg
7 September 2009

“The beach was dominated by wet, organic shapes, so Oystein wanted a bit of order in chaos and built this piece of sine curves. The never-ending movement. Stones from the beach.”


'river wharfe, barden' kenny jenkins 3 September 2009 pebble art inspiration via

‘River Wharfe, Barden’
Kenny Jenkins
3 September 2009

“I moved the stones about until the image became clear; or, I painstakingly excavated the site until the fossil was exposed; or, I lay on the beach for 200,000 years”
'North Gare, Hartlepool' Ruth Jackson 1 September 2009 beach pebble mosiac garden inspiration via
‘North Gare, Hartlepool’
Ruth Jackson
1 September 2009

“With my family as forced labour we set out for North Gare. Not as exotic as some of the beaches but very dramatic.
Wild, windy but not cold we set about our work.
Three adults and four children, we collected blue, black and other coloured stones to make an abstract design that was about us!”
'Sloc Ruadh, Colonsay' Bryan Dickinson 1 September 2009 via

‘Sloc Ruadh, Colonsay’
Bryan Dickinson
1 September 2009

“Too many pebbles, not enough time…….”
'Balnahard Bay, Colonsay' Bryan Dickinson 1 September 2009 via
‘Balnahard Bay, Colonsay’
Bryan Dickinson
1 September 2009

“Noticed the lines that the Marram grass was drawing in the wind…. Rain showers just as we were finishing, had to run for cover.”
'Lindesberg' Nick Furderer 1 September 2009 via
Nick Furderer
1 September 2009

“This beach is close to the towns sixth form college, now busy with the autumn term.

This made me think of summer adventures now buried in our memories of countless beaches. Short summer friendships and summer loves, left like broken hearts on the shoreline.

These four hearts, once broken, are now at rest. Are they just waiting for the cold chill of winter and oblivion or perhaps slowly healing and already dreaming of a new spring, a new summer and a new love?”
'Worbarrow Bay on the Jurassic Coast World Heritege Site' Andrew 28 August 2009 via
‘Worbarrow Bay on the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site’
28 August 2009

“As this is the Jurassic Coast I thought a “fossil” would be appropriate. It is made from chalk pebbles and is about one metre in length.”
'Iona north end' sueparmley 23 August 2009 garden pebble mosiac via

‘Lona North End’
Sue Parmley
23 August 2009

“On the last day of an art holiday, I left my friend painting, and went pebble collecting. I did a collage on the beach with them. It is based on the walls in the nunnery ruins which have large stones of pink granite with smaller stones in between.”



Everyday people creating beautiful landscape art. Have a look, its gorgeous. And if you want to participate at a beach near you, here are the rules.

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  1. Helen says:

    This is fun. Looked up the rules and looked at a lot of the photos already in the project and they are wonderful. So much creativity! Of course, now this will be on my mind on our next beach walk.

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