50 Natives: Maine: Sanguisorba canadensis – Canadian Burnet

February 9, 2010

Moving back into my own regional neighborhood (i.e last week in Utah – now in Maine) I am busily researching plants, plants and more plants.  I am feeling the pressure to to get things planted into my own garden as soon as possible….as it is looking likely that I will actually be hosting a garden wedding in September (though not quite 100% for sure yet) and I want things to look their best for my little sister.

canadian burnet sanguisorba canadensis

1. Sanguisorba canadensis, 2. Sanguisorba canadensis, 3. Sanguisorbe du Canada – Sanguisorba canadensis – Canadian burnet @ Essipit , Qc DSC_5442, 4. Canadian Burnet

Sanguisorba is top on my list.  Native not just to Maine, but also Massachusetts where I live.  I expect it thrive and add alot towards my airy, farmy New England Garden.  I love the prolific white flowers and this combo by James Alexander Sinclair is one of the prettiest I have seen in a while.  (Sanguisorba canadensis, Verbena bonariensis and last weeks native – Salix exigua)

It not only has beautiful flowers, but pretty foliage that smells like cucumbers (ahhh reminds me of summer).   Sanguisorba’s leaves can be added to salads and also have a cucumber taste.

Sanguisorba canadensis image from Avondale nursery catalog in the UK.

image by by julie_dansereau

The whole family of Sanguisorbas have a lot to offer in the garden,  I think this one is Sanguisorba menziesii (correct me if I am wrong) (Available from Digging Dog Nursery) — and native only to Washington State and Alaska — but another beautiful variation on this useful plant.   Do you grow this plant?  What do you like or dislike about it?

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  1. I got a stunning variegated one from Arrowhead Alpines last year — the flowers are nice, but the foliage is nearly outlined in white and is absolutely stunning. Sadly, I don’t see it in their catalog this year! I should have bought more.

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