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Garden Gallery: The Evan’s Mexican Garden

It’s all in the details.

the evans laguna beach mexican garden

Isn’t it always?  I’m not generally a fan of kitsch garden ornamentation, but the flow and elegance of this garden makes what could be junky into something extraordinarily beautiful.  Its really about the sense of place…. Its that the style of this garden and the place where it is so completely match.  The Mexican theme is totally appropriate and homey and comfortable.  I am truly envious of people who live in southern California and can pull this off.

It just wouldn’t fly here in the North East. When I see gardens like this, and I share them, I worry that someone will run out and inappropriately try to copy it.    Like all those people in the suburbs of places like Denver who want a Tuscan feel.  What? No. No. NO!  I get it, you see something you love and try to bring it home.  I am covetous too, but before you leave this post, take a minute to focus on what you love about the region where you live. What makes your place different from the rest of world.  Why would other people be jealous of where you live? Try focusing on that when you design your garden.

mexican garden laguan beach california

Ohmm….I am meditating on the The New England vernacular…so that I don’t rushout and buy myself a chiminea.

There are dozens more images of this beautiful garden over at Laguna Dirt (a fab blog I only recently discovered).

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  1. Laguna Dirt says:

    rochelle, thank you so much for featuring the evans’ garden and my blog! i like your insights about how important it is that we all embrace our local environments, culture and style. (you have no idea, however, how envious i am of your four dramatic seasons and all the rich traditions that come with celebrating them.)
    for anyone who enjoyed the evans’ garden, the los angeles times featured a huge spread on their hacienda, as well as their garden, today. it’s posted on their blog (and mine) with a 21-photo tour of their home:

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