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When I started my blog in 2007, I had no expectation that it would lead me anywhere. I thought it would help me organize my design studio, keep track of product vendors, and store a few notes to myself. I never could have expected the adventures that would come of it...

Originally, this place was called Studio ‘g’ and as soon as it started, its purpose morphed.  

I immediately fell in love with writing (I’ve always been more of a nerdy math and science girl at heart, so literary pursuits were never my focus). And I loved using the medium to play with design ideas that my clients would never let me build (mostly inspired by fashion). 

Here’s a tour. First let me answer the question of the name. PITH + VIGOR - Where did it come from?

I’ve been a garden designer since 2001 - so naturally, I’ve written quite a few posts about designing gardens that I hope you will find helpful and inspiring. Mirrors in the Garden to Improve Your Design, Play With Scale, Think Like a Curator, and Using Shapes to Inspire are some of my personal favorites. From 'Nice' To 'Wow' - How to Make A Garden Look Amazing is a post that was written by Carlo Gabriele -- that I also think is worth a read. 

Scrappy, feisty and rebellious in nature, I am also wildly predictable. If I am told it can’t be done, then I won’t stop until it is done. That is how the Harvard Farmer’s Market started and that is how I wrote a book that compiled more than 1500 inspiring garden images.  

Are you a magazine lover? Me too - particularly the ones that you find in a off-beat bookstore in a strange city. And frankly - there just aren’t enough cool garden-inspired publications in the world. So I teamed up to publish five issues of Leaf Magazine in 2012. I think I did some of my best work when I launched PITH+VIGOR print newspaper - my self imposed challenge was to not only educate and entertain but re-imagine garden writing.

The newspaper was made possible after a bunch of readers here pitched in to fund a wildly successful Indiegogo campaign. (I can never say thank you all enough for that amazing-ness)

You can download the digital versions of the first five issues of P+V in my resource library. And you can read all the stories from issue No. 6 online. 

Grow Huge Hydrangeas

From Lawn to Meadow in 5 Easy Steps

Exciting Plant Pairings for Autumn Blooming Bulbs 

What type of garden website would this be without a healthy plant obsession?

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know (and didn't) About Moss

If you are looking for some plant-y posts, try these:

plant-y posts:

Also don’t miss all the posts from Rodney Eason who, for a while, shared his vast plant inspiration here. He is, or has been, the lovely Director of Horticulture and plant curator for just about every garden worth visiting in the gorgeous state of Maine. 

Blogging led to stretching myself to become more of a journalist. I’ve loved interviewing local artisans, designers, creatives, and writers from around the world. And I especially try to support small businesses and the entrepreneurial success of women in design.  

I’ve never been one to talk about being a mom too much here as I just like to keep somethings to myself - but I am nonetheless inspired by my family and their curiosity. These are a some posts you might like if you are gardening with kids. Making Snow Drop Terrariums, Backyard Biology - How To Design a Garden to be a Kid's Science Lab, The Language of Spring in A Garden Inspired Easter Tree and How To Make A Hobbit House in Your Garden

I’ve always enjoyed sharing my travels.

Genus Loci is one of those crazy sounding latin terms - but it is the root of why I love to wander.

I have a magnetic attraction to England (where I once lived),

And France.

“It seems important to me that we all foster a regional pride in local landscapes and the food and artistry that they generate.”

my travels

But I also can’t help to talk a lot about what is going on in my own New England.

check out some of my favorite travel related posts:

Whether it is container gardens, trends or straight up style and inspiration - I genuinely think that if everyone knew a bit more about garden design then we would all be better for it. 

If you are curious what I do with my days, well, I teach garden design and planting design to homeowners and enthusiasts. And I work to create my own garden that is a reflection of my passions. Lately, I’ve been chasing inspiration in Maps, art making (namely collage), photography, drawing and a bit of novel writing.  

There you have it. If you still want to see me up close and personal (literally), you can register for one of my courses (we have live chats every week!) or if it is springtime ,you can find me live on TV on the Home Shopping Network talking about plants. 



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