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“I am a former physician and I never used my hands on the ground. And I come here and I look around… Continue Reading

I try not to take life too seriously and you can usually find me settling debates and things I don’t… Continue Reading

Rodney Eason – Director of Horticulture and Plant Curator at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, father of 4, husband to a Renaissance… Continue Reading

Like me, you are probably feeling a bit depressed at the thought of your garden’s painstakingly planted scenes deteriorating over the next months. Yes, of course you… Continue Reading

We’d love to know if you were successful. Too hard, too easy, or just right? Let us know your thoughts… Continue Reading

“We have a lot of gardeners who are older; who gave a lot earlier — they saved the gardens actually… Continue Reading

Who are modern gardeners? We are people who hope to grow food that we can feel sure of and we need a… Continue Reading

“I grew up on a farm near Lowell and Billerica. That was a long, long time ago and a completely… Continue Reading

Gardens are inextricably linked to the people who tend them. It is a deep relationship, where one depends on the other. In every issue,… Continue Reading

What is in a name? Metaphorically, I am drawn to the idea of the pith of a plant—it is the… Continue Reading

Opening Statement: Green walls are not new. French botanist Patrick Blanc has been popularizing green walls by building awe inspiring,… Continue Reading

DATE: September 13, 2014 TIME: 53 Minutes DISTANCE: 43 Miles TERRAIN: New England Coastal Farmland (Dartmouth, MA) Soft early fall… Continue Reading

Anne-Marie Dorning is an editor, storyteller, and “wicked” good writer. Prior to launching her own communications company, Anne-Marie was an award-winning journalist… Continue Reading

Brie is a professional plant propagator in Raleigh, NC who is also consults for PBS’s Growing Greener World. Admired and… Continue Reading

Mark McClain of Salem, Virginia, is a community volunteer, environmentalist, and avid crossword solver and constructor. Continue Reading

I don’t really have much to say about myself. I’m a usability designer, I am married and have a daughter,… Continue Reading

Leslie Bunnell is a graphic designer based in Harvard, MA. Her extensive background in art direction and design spans publishing… Continue Reading

Kelly has been a portrait photographer for more than half her life.  Her work is primarily focused on timeless portraits… Continue Reading

Abbey Lossing is a freelance illustrator based in Celoron, NY.  She attended Syracuse University where she majored in illustration. Her… Continue Reading

Truly a life-long plantsman, Matt was raised (and still lives on) his family property in Massachusetts where three generations of… Continue Reading

Oana Befort is a freelance graphic artist based in Bucharest, Romania, where she lives with her husband and two kiddos. … Continue Reading

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