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I’ve been serving on a committee with my little town to try to sort out some design guidelines for our… Continue Reading

I’m always up for being sent off on a research tangent.  Not knowing where it will end up, what I… Continue Reading

I’m finding the ever- increasing variety of oxalis  (commonly called Shamrocks or Wood Sorrel) available to gardeners very inspiring. In… Continue Reading

I thought these answers, given by school children at Tower Hill Botanic Garden over the recent winter break, were too… Continue Reading

I’m finally starting to believe that eventually these piles of snow will recede – we have a long way to go… Continue Reading

 My name is Bridget Beth Collins. I live in a little corner of Seattle called Ravenna with my coder husband… Continue Reading

All subscribers can download a digital .pdf copy of issue #2 here: PITH+VIGOR_ISSUE_SPRING_2015.compressed   (page images coming soon) Read More Continue Reading

I am headed to the airport shortly to hop a plane to Seattle. I haven’t been to Seattle since a… Continue Reading

Do you have plans this weekend? Why not take a hike outside and gather the makings of beautiful floral arrangement?… Continue Reading

If you lived in England in the early 2000’s you might remember when painting walls ‘Ground Force’ blue was a… Continue Reading

What a week! The beginning of the year always feel like the first week coming back from vacation (a little… Continue Reading

I make little resolutions all the time so especially at the New Year I try to remind myself of those… Continue Reading

I can hardly believe that one year ago today, I (with my family) sat on the streets of Colorado Blvd.… Continue Reading

After ten years of staring down a large pile of hardwood logs left for me after the installation of a… Continue Reading

Owen: “You should see the s*** we found in this plot when we first excavated.” Mackenzie: “There was all kinds of… Continue Reading

“I am a former physician and I never used my hands on the ground. And I come here and I look around… Continue Reading

I try not to take life too seriously and you can usually find me settling debates and things I don’t… Continue Reading

Rodney Eason – Director of Horticulture and Plant Curator at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, father of 4, husband to a Renaissance… Continue Reading

Like me, you are probably feeling a bit depressed at the thought of your garden’s painstakingly planted scenes deteriorating over the next months. Yes, of course you… Continue Reading

We’d love to know if you were successful. Too hard, too easy, or just right? Let us know your thoughts… Continue Reading

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