Freaky Florals: Last Minute Halloween Decoration Inspiration from Instagram

Posted by Rochelle
October 30, 2015 | Florals

Instagram is my not-so-secret superpower (way more than pinterest these days!) and whenever I need an idea, the community of creatives there never lets me down.

I’ve been scavenging the garden, woods, and whatever I can find for last-minute Halloween party decor and pretty things to dress up for the weekend.  Here are five great shots, from some of my favorite instagrammers, that are inspiring my own designs.

Halloween flowers by @athouselarsbuilt via

Grapes, Coralberry (Symphoricarpos × doorenbosii ‘Kordes’ Amethyst), Sambucus leaves (Sambucus nigra f. ‘laciniata’) (I think), Queen Anne’s lace heads, hellebores, and the odd tulip (sooo not seasonal or local but still so great!) and a few other things come together with  creepy books, stuffed birds and of course a skull for a perfect table top arrangement.  By @houselarsbuilt.

Halloween arrangement by @rivermoonbotanicals_maui via

Skulls and spiky plants – in this case Aloe – make for something that looks like it might just come to life. The orange orchids, tufts of grass heads and wheat along with driftwood are all easy enough materials to source (even though I’m not in Maui and stuck here in New England!). By @rivermoonbotanicals_maui.

Halloween flowers by @rachelosguthorpe via

I’m not having this type of party – that is one that is elegant and spooky – but if I was….oh boy would I be all in on the white roses, cotton and black pumpkins.  So dark and moody…. and is anyone noticing how great the simple house plants look pulled out of their pots?  Why are roots so creepy?  I don’t know — but they are… don’t you think? And it is easy enough to do it for a few hours – no harm done to the plants.  By at @rachelosguthorpe and photographed by @emmylowephoto.


Halloween flowers by @mimosaboston via

This might be my favorite of the bunch, done by local florist, @mimosaboston.  I love how the leaves look like bats (or is it just me?).  In my woods, there are lots of baby oak trees whose leaves are really dark red – thinking that if I pick the darkest among them, I might be able to pull this off.

Halloween flowers by @americastable via

The caption says: “Dusty Miller, black calla lilies, Spanish moss, and silver berzillia berries” – I love the look – but what the heck are berzillia berries?  Can I grow them?  I’ve never heard of them and google isn’t helping. Maybe I could substitute elderberries or pokeberries? What do you think?  This from @americastable

Good luck with your decor – if you come up with something great – do share it by tagging @pithandvigor in the caption – I’d love to see it!



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Love these! Wish I’d seen it earlier in the day since I just put together dinner florals for a party tomorrow. I love the skull with aloe. Looks amazing!


Hi Rochelle, if you’d like to see, here is my scary bouquet for Halloween

with Phytolacca, Cynara cardunculus and Clematis vitalba.


Luisella – That looks great!! I love using Poke at this time of year (except that they frequently leak all over my hands and the staining is terrible!)

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