DIY: Great Halloween Ideas

October 12, 2012

The starter motor in my car was dead this morning, so I have to drive the truck.  Driving the truck makes everything feel different.  It is the vehicular equivalent of rose colored glasses…except it makes me sing old country songs and desperately want to go junking – which I think I might do.  I have an appointment this afternoon a few towns away and I think I am going to find the longest possible route with as many junk shops along the way as possible to get there.

diy painted pumpkins

When these moods strike, I need to be prepared, that is to have a few ideas in mind.   So I gathered a few seasonal things that I have seen around the internet lately that have me in this lovely fall mood.

Do you decorate for Halloween?  I do, sometimes, (when I have time) but I think I might go for it this year….depending on what I find today.   In the mean time….here are some of my favorite fall decoration ideas.  I’ll let you know if I find anything really special.

chalk painted pumpkins

P.S. If you have a minute, say a little prayer to Saab fairies that the new starter motor will not cost so much that I have to re-think my treasure hunt!

mini frida kahlo costumeP.P.S  I’m in love with this mini Frida Kahlo costume…I’ve almost got my daughter convinced that she should do this…she is game but thinks the other kids won’t ‘get it’ – unfortunately I think she might be right.

P.P.P.S – Which do you prefer the Bright Painted Pumpkins or the Chalk Painted pumpkins?  I can’t decide for myself…I figure if I strike out on everything else….at least I can hit a farm stand and  fill the truck with gourds and pumpkins to satiate my truck adventure craving.

images Bats on the door (lots of other great halloween decor ideas there too),  painted pumpkins from handmade charlotte (lots of other pumpkin ideas there),  chalk painted pumpkins, and little frida (original source not found, via pinterest). 


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