Daily Garden: Halloween Inspiration – 29 Palms, CA

October 29, 2009

creeping into the bamboo halloween garden mannequin

Are you heady for Halloween?   I can’t help myself….it is not until Saturday, but I have to share this spooky garden with you….hopefully I will be able to find more equally post-worthy Halloween garden topics to carry us through to Saturday (ideas accepted).  When I finish this post, I have to put the finishing touches on my costume….I will share it with you when it has all come together.

Anyway, this garden was photographed at night by Troy Paiva for his Lost America Series.    He is a seriously talented night photographer ( and has a website to teach you the tricks of the trade) and his photos are so interesting.  It is worth checking out his books too (click here for a list and links to all his photography products).

trop pavia garden shoot 29 palms

This shoot titled  “Bed Springs and the Oasis of 29 Signs”  is the garden and private collection of  Ben Bottoms located in 29 Palms, California.
Ben collects old steel signs and has artistically laid them out in the landscape for all the world to see.  I find the garden to be a perfect Halloween influence.  The mannequin walking into the bamboo just doesn’t get an creepier.  One look at it and the whole place takes on a new level of spookiness don’t you think?
vintage signs garden california

motel vintage sign garden 29 palms california

Ben likes his solitude so if you are in the 29 palms area please, don’t bug him. Apparently he has a dog that will chew your leg off.
29 palms vintage sign

Are you doing anything for the holiday? I am not decorating the house…we don’t get trick -or -treaters in the country….but I am working over my costume and prepping the kids for our big night in the center of town where all the homes decorate and everyone chips in for the candy (that the police dept distributes to all the town center houses)  — it really is lovely to live in this small town.

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  1. how it grows says:

    I love all those all signs!

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