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I'm a former rocket scientist turned garden designer (on TV and IRL). 
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I'm also an author, entrepreneur and activist who thinks she can help save the planet (and make it a whole lot prettier) by teaching everyone a little something about landscape design. 

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Close-up of clusters of vibrant purple Callicarpa americana, or Beautyberry, on thin, intertwined branches. The background is filled with soft-focus yellow and green foliage, creating a contrasting and colorful autumn scene reminiscent of Mississippi's picturesque landscapes.

After growing one Callicarpa americana shrub at the top of my driveway for many years, last year I encouraged it to create a few babies (I used a laying technique). Beautyberry is the plant that everyone asks about – even the non-gardeners who visit my house. So, I figured it would be even better to […]

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Close-up view of a dense cluster of light purple Liatris Spicata, also known as Prairie Gay Feather, with thin elongated petals on a green stem, against the blurred backdrop of Wisconsin's lush green foliage.

Though I have been unlucky growing Liatris in my own garden (apparently, young plants are a rare delicacy, voraciously enjoyed by New England woodchucks), I have successfully placed Liatris spicata in many of my client’s gardens.  It is my go-to plant for a planting plan that needs a little excitement and something to draw the eye up. […]

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White flowers on a tree branch.

I am deep in the throes of a design maelstrom. New planting designs are flying at me from every direction, like the tornado in The Wizard of Oz. Our theme this summer at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens is about pollinators and pollinator plants. I am on the docket to teach a course on butterfly garden […]

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laurel Skye Garden Buddha

Over to the west we go with Genevieve Schmidt, author of North Coast Gardening– master of fine gardening and always a generous sharer of her endless knowledge. Here’s Gen….”I’ve always been a ridiculous reader and I’m honestly a bit surprised to have found myself working outdoors and in design, rather than owning a children’s bookstore […]

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A vibrant teal garden shed adorned with various wall-mounted succulents and plants. The shed features a rustic wooden door partially open, revealing darkness inside, surrounded by lush green foliage.

You guys know Megan and Matti (from Far Out Flora) right? You have got to see where their passion for succulent gardens landed them… I shared this yesterday (but with different images) on my Gardenist column at Apartment Therapy….but I love it so much I am going re-share this sweet story here too.   It all […]

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What were you like ‘back in the day’?  Goth, Valley, Stoner, Jock?  Something else?  Me? I was some weird Denver thing that involved high hair, shoulder pads and Wranglers.   I have no idea what you might have called it — but it definitely wasn’t punk. Now, if I were to indulge in a theme persona […]

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