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An aerial view of a house with a swimming pool.

When I first wrote this post (in 2013), images of Arthur Casas own home and garden in the french publication Planet Deco intrigued me. That was over 11 years ago and back then I wasn’t into spare modern architecture that features cube shapes. Nevertheless, at Arthur’s own Iproanga house, located near Sao Paulo Beach in […]

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amphora fruiticosa

Last week I was sorting through some of my old photographs. I came across this one from a couple of years ago on the High Line Garden in Manhattan (Designed by Piet Oudolf). I had never seen this plant before, so it grabbed my attention. It is called “false indigo,” and the Latin name is Amorpha fruticosa. […]

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A house with a lawn mower and a tree in the yard.

This before and after exterior makeover definitely makes it into the PITH + VIGOR Before & After Hall of Fame (that doesn’t currently exist — but when it does…😉) The house is pretty standard suburban uninspired architecture. It is surrounded by a boring lawn and, for some reason, has a giant potted palm in the […]

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A purple flower on a plant with green leaves. texas mountain laurel

I must admit I am quite envious of Texas (and other South Desert states like AZ) gardeners who can grow such a beautiful plant. Texas Mountain Laurel (Sophora secundiflora) is an evergreen with aromatic violet flowers that can be shrubby but lends itself well to pruning into a small tree. Despite sharing a common name (mountain […]

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An aerial view of an urban courtyard garden square with a fountain.

It is always important to consider the views of any garden that you might enjoy from indoors. When a garden is in an urban environment, surrounded by tall buildings that overlook it, it is especially important to consider the birdseye view. In this Copenhagen, Denmark courtyard, the central courtyard was made much more interesting to […]

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A rendering of an outdoor dining area with a fireplace.

If you are looking for some great ideas to incorporate into a courtyard garden for a mid century modern home – this garden by Ted Cleary is full of great ideas.   I really *really* want to jump right in and cozy up next to that garden fire with a glass of wine. It is […]

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