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Kathleen in Virginia

“I know so much more about planting design - what to consider, how to do it, how to organize it all, and I have the actual design started!”

Sandy in England

“without this course I would be stalled for sure! To say I am inspired is an understatement!”

ANDie in washington

“I love the concept of developing your garden style so that it becomes the guide for everything that is used. I look at my garden with a new eye.”

Georgene in California

“without the course I'd have a garden with way too many plants in a hodge-podge system at that.”

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I'm a former rocket scientist turned garden designer (on TV and IRL). 
Yes, seriously. 
I'm also and author, entrepreneur and activist who thinks she can help save the planet (and make it a whole lot prettier) by teaching everyone a little something about landscape design. 

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Gardens can be more than just pretty - they are connected with each other and with nearby natural spaces. The choices we make affect local wildlife in a myriad of ways. Learn how to blend aesthetics with ecological value by using regionally appropriate native plants in your landscape.

LIve on 6/29/22
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fall garden decor inspiration

Do you decorate your front porch for the fall or halloween?  Does the autumn decorating spill into the garden?  If you are looking for some super creepy diy halloween inspiration – why not take a cue from classic movies? Like Children of the Corn?  I’ve been researching haunted houses in the area because my daughter […]

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garden design books you need

I know that visitors to this site and the readers of PITH + VIGOR magazine are a book-loving bunch.   I am too.  As a writer and publisher, I think it is in my DNA to collect and hoard books.  But I do recognize, that not all books are equal.  And, not everyone wants to fill […]

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Is your garden an arbitrary stupid goal?

Is your garden an arbitrary stupid goal? The correct answer is yes. I’m looking for a new book to read over the upcoming holiday break.  I want something that lives up to my last read – Tamara Shopsin’s Arbitrary Stupid Goal. Any suggestions? I was drawn to Arbitrary Stupid Goal when Austin Kleon mentioned it […]

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false solomons seal and sedum autumn joy

If there were a nationwide contest for fall holiday decor,  New England would be the outright-no-questions-asked winner.  This part of the country goes mum-crazy right about now – we plant chrysanthemums like and while its a lovely display of colors that goes rather nicely with all our vibrant trees….I often find myself trying to re-invent […]

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I am planning my Christmas dinner.  I happen to have a duck in the freezer and since this Christmas will be a small affair of my husband and my two little people, we are thinking of making one of our favorite dishes.  Cassoulet (filled with delicious meats and the best part – soul nourishing cassoulet […]

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If you have a good local farmers market nearby, then a big part of your vegetable garden plants should aim to fill in all the blanks for interesting things that you can’t easily get elsewhere. Diversity and variety are one of the great joys of growing veggie garden, so why grow the same things you […]

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