June 20, 2008

After nearly two years of thinking about it and saying we should do it, we have done it…..joined the blogoshere. Here we are. What are we, Greayer Design Associates, doing here? I am not entirely sure, as with most things I jump in first and figure it out as we go along. I have a plan, but I know better than to think we are going to follow it. We are taking another giant seeming step for this company. Making a new way to meet and greet people who are interested in the same things that we are. Sharing what we know to make our business better and our world better. Hoping we can inspire, we launch this venture with the same wide eyed optimistic excitement that we have for most of our projects.

Starting with introductions… Greayer Design Associates, LLC specializes in the creation of luxurious gardens for private homes and hospitality & spa properties worldwide. We like our designs to take you away from it all. We strive to create inspiring exterior spaces by taking cues from art, fashion, architecture, interior design, history, culture, & nature. I, Rochelle Greayer started it all, but hope that my team and many of my respected colleagues will join in and take part in adding to this site. This space is as much for us at GDA as it is for our friends, colleagues and clients. We hope to be able to catalog the things we find amazing, share products, celebrate landscape design and keep on top of industry events related to landscape, garden, hospitality and spa design. As the hospitality industry by nature is travel oriented, we look around the world for inspiration and I hope that as this blog grows, it will take on a worldly audience and gather a sophisticated community.

That’s it, welcome to Studio g. We plan to update this a couple times per week and I hope that you will come back often to see what we are talking about and tell us what you think.



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  1. kee says:

    oh my goodness.
    i just read your whole blog. i could not help myself…
    i have such garden fever now that spring is fully upon us & your blog provided loads of inspiration! thanks a ton 🙂

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