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Plant Inspired Garden Mood Boards – Exotic Romance & The Toad Lily

I called the last of my Romantic Plant inspired inspiration boards “Exotic Romance”
Based on the Trycirtis (or Toad Lily) which are mostly native to Asian countries like Nepal, Taiwan, China, Japan and the Philippines, they epitomize the exotic beauty of Asian style. They are similar in look to orchids but bloom in the fall and are happiest in shady woodlands (at home in New England!).

Here are the the pieces that went into it….
Chinoiserie 3 or 4 Seater Bench – McKinnon and Harris (

Mercury Glass votives – ballard designs

Planters Large – Euro-Asian Square Column Metal Planters

From –Aged Ceramic Long Tom Pot

Fabric –
All from Perennials Fabrics
Top to Bottom
Origami – Plum Blossom
Shibori – Sea Urchin
Rough ‘N Rowdy – French Lilac
Jake Stripe – Geranium Red
Tatami – Plum Blossom
Ishi – Plum Blossom

Tunisian Tea Lights

The chinoiserie 4 seater bench is so long that it will easily accommodate a bounty of cushions for laying back and relaxing. The fabrics create a boudoir den feeling in similar colors to the flowers. Try a large Chinese knot in red in the center of purple cushion to create a fun one of a kind piece. The large pots with their deep purple coloring and uneven surface help to anchor a vignette; planted with large palms (you can bring them in in the winter if need be) you can create your Asian hideaway. The exotic swirls and leaves on the long tom pot compliment the complicated structure of the flower.
Candles in the outdoors create mood and mercury glass with it’s aged, but warm sophisticated glow can transport you mentally to another time and place.

Check out my other “Romantic Plant” inspired boards – One is inspired by Magnolias and the other is inspired by Venus Fly Traps (Romantic in a weird creepy sort of way).

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