Inspiration Board: Corpse Bride’s Wedding Garden

I don’t have a Gothic bone in my body (at least I don’t think so), but I think that good designers should be able to inspire and conjure even the most opposite of themselves. So I my challenge is this….create a garden setting in which a (hip and stylish) Corpse Bride would want to hold her big day. The whole idea came from these pictures that Shwetha Anand posted from an FIT (great website!) exhibit in NYC that is currently running until February.

fashion inspiration for a garden

A garden fit for a Corpse Bride!!

Inspired by a corpse bride - garden design inspiration

Starting at the lop left… a photo set the Mood…by Sally Mann, author of the book Deep South. All very moody, broody and creepy…I chose it for the slash across the tree, makes me think something murderous might have happened there. But I don’t recommend doing this to your trees on purpose, it’s really not good for them.

To the Right, Haddonstone can supply the pieces and parts to design your own ruin, folly or grotto.

Beautiful dark flowers from Cymbidium flowers…center pieces?

Next Row: Papaver somniferum var paeoniflorum (Black Peony Poppy) – This image is part of a poster available at All

I found this picture at Gothic Garden, clearly a photoshop job, but wouldn’t that be cool to do for real… I am mulling over ways to pull it off with out killing anything or causing permanent environmental damage…email me if you think you might want to try and pull this off…

Set the mood with candles from DL&Company. Actually, for free, just check out their website….it is well worth the trip.

Next Row: Salvia discolor (image found here). Silver plants will set off Black plants nicely.

Over on the right under the candle: Check out king metals…then work with a local welder to fabricate your own creaky heavy iron gates. The options are endless.

Next Row: Datura stramonium (Moon flower) image from here.

Gothic Tea light holder from blendboutique

Scabiosa atropurpurea (Black Scabiosa)

Bottom Left….Gargoyle fountians….just google that phase, you will have a plethora to choose from. I like this shot from here.

Love these footed candle sticks by Lee Hale and available at Erie Basin.

A gothic bench from

Maybe add a fog machine to create just the right scene and have the event at dusk with the bride wearing one of those fierce dresses from my previous post….maybe I do have some goth in me….

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    Hi, I Muhammad I am Please plan to create a campus green space for the bride and groom I recommend.
    Thanks and good luck in your visit

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