50 Natives : New York : Chionanthus virginicus (Fringe Tree, Old Man’s Beard, Grancy Grey-beard) – Inspired by Design Mom

November 18, 2008

I am guest blogging this week at Design Mom, who is based in NYC. So with ‘Design Mom’ and ‘mom’s who are interested in design’ everywhere as my inspiration….I give you my latest native plant selection, New York and Chionanthus virginicus.

I seems to me that a native plant symbolic of mothers, should not be a perennial or a small plant, but rather something that is always there and a little bit bigger than life. Like a tree that stands the test of time and while constantly changing, doesn’t come and go with the seasons.
It should be approachable, not too big and perhaps multi-stemmed, because multi-stemmed trees seem, to me, to be able to envelope you and hold you.
It should have a slightly precious nature….in that it isn’t a dime a dozen sort of specimen, and it should be prized for its beauty and its instantly recognizable sweet scent. Of course, since it is a native plant, it will, by nature, be tough and resilient when needed.
And since we are talking about hip stylish moms…it needs to mix it up…no standard petaled flowers, we need interesting shape and pure edgy coolness mixed with classic beauty.

I think I have it…. what do you think?
Chionanthus virginicus (Fringe Tree, Old Man’s Beard, Grancy Grey-beard)

1. Inside The Fringetree, 2. Chionanthus Virginicus, 3. Oleaceae : Chionanthus virginicus female – female Fringe Tree flowers, 4. Fringe Tree, 5. Chionanthus Virginicus, 6. Chionanthus virginicus, 7. Chionanthus virginicus, 8. Fringe Tree, 9. Chionanthus virginicus

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