Happy Holidays

December 24, 2008

Casting about for inspiration to properly wish you all a Happy Holiday, I came across this card on my new favorite blog (dianamuse…more about her in a moment).  It made me smile, and when I followed it to Jill Dryer’s Etsy Store, I smiled even more.

Jill Dryer Architect holiday card.

Mies Van Der Rohe and Santiago Calatrava are my favorites.  Which is yours?

I am enjoying an odd connection with Jill’s work. ‘Guinea Warrior’ (left) feels like it could be a scene from my life…though it isn’t’.  It’s just that I am relating to all the disparate elements…the tall trees of my own home, the guinea hens that live down the road and, later this spring, will populate my own garden, and the Winnebago…which I don’t own, but in which I had an interesting, but not soon to be repeated, weekend in Maine a couple summers ago.


I enjoy ‘Flying over Eames’ more for Jill’s description than anything else. “This is an Eames chair hanging out on a beautiful lake at sunset watching the flying fish pass by.”  — I love when inanimate objects have good experiences.
Happy Holidays!!

P.S. – I am going to be posting regularly through the rest of holiday season, taking my glass(es) of egg nog and sneaking away….if you need a break too, please come and join me.

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