Windy – Trees Down

December 10, 2008

It’s been really windy here on top of the hill that I live on.  After the ice storm, I fear that I am developing a phobia about trees coming down and falling on me or my house.

This is what we awoke to this morning. (That’s our driveway, those are our power lines and that is our barn in the background)

what to do when a tree comes down on your driveway

That ladder is what my husband was standing on as he tried to cut the tree off the wires.   We are heading to urgent care in about 20 minutes to have his leg stitched up from the chainsaw accident. (urgent care is a little busy this morning so he has to wait until 11:00).  Yes, It has been one of the those mornings…  My phobia deepens.

To be honest,  I am surprised I have electricity to be online writing this post.  Hopefully when National Grid gets here, the wires will continue to stay in tact.

What have we learned from this?…Your power company is responsible for the lines… if you have a tree on them, call them, they will come take it off for you.

Urgent Care visits, chain saw accidents and stitches are a real downer.

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