Going for a goal….

January 31, 2009

I set little personal goals for everything in my life…this blog included…and since I started writing it, one of my goals is to consistently increase my traffic.  I have been meeting my goal without a problem, so in light of the fact that I need a little challenge, I upped the ante… I have actually been doubling my traffic each month… As you can imagine it is quickly getting harder and harder to achieve this little goal, and this may be the last month I can pull it off before having to stretch out my time line a bit.  But here is the deal…as of right this minute (7:29 am on Jan 31, 2009) I am exactly 425 visits off my goal for January.   I would love to make it, and I am going to work hard on getting there between right now and midnight tonight….but that is a bit of  stretch (though not a huge) for a one day Saturday traffic.   Do you think you can help me get there?….maybe forward to a friend or two… I will let you know if I make it.   A few new posts are on the way…to make it interesting….

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  1. Chris Heiler says:

    Hi Rochelle,

    Sorry I’m a little late to this post. I’ll mention your blog in the forum on my site and see if that gets you a little traffic.

    Chris Heiler

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