Inauguration Maps – Yes….I am going!!!

January 9, 2009

I am so excited I could just…..burst!

I am going to the inauguration!!…(pending no serious snow or weather event between Boston and DC next Saturday to spoil our road trip).

I have no tickets… having not won a single ticket lottery from Kerry, Kennedy or Tsongas –(all of my potential ticket brokers) but we are going anyway.  I know you can stand on the lawn and be able to see on the big screens (I attended a Clinton swearing in when I lived in DC years ago) and I read that there are even less bleachers on the parade route than normal, making way for ticket less people to be able to stand.  I am most excited about being there in the buzz and bringing my family to experience it with me.

Isn’t this interesting….I am totally fascinated by this map….

Inauguration Large scale huge floor map

It is the map the the military planners are using to organize the whole event…All I can say is….so cool– and what did they print this on?

As I find out details of event through this week, I will share them here with you….and, of course, will fill you all in on the details when I return.

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  1. Witnessing an historical event is a worthy adventure.

  2. From what I’ve heard, dress warmly, wear sturdy shoes, don’t bring anything except your own toilet paper, and you should be fine.

  3. I am jealous, but I think the best seat might be my sofa and a remote to get well-rounded coverage–one network coverage doesn’t serve anyone well, I believe.

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