Sick of Winter? Terrarium Making Inspiration

January 23, 2009

I can’t wait until spring, if for no other reason, but that I am sick of my coat, I am sick of wearing a jacket underneath my coat just to keep warm, my boots are just plain boring to me now, and while my normal collection of houseplants are nice and green, I think I am feeling like trying something new.   Have you ever made a terrarium?  I haven’t, but I am in the mood and shopping around….here are some inspirations…


Clockwise from top left:
Little Forest Green Tree Ceramic Clay Pottery , Esque Terrarium from Velocity Art and Design,
Moss terrarium glass candle sticks, itty bitty bouquet, White top mini mushrooms, Make Your Own Moss Terrarium – Chic Moss Terrarium Kit No.9 Comes with Monogram of ChoiceBulb Cup, Moss terrarium with lichen mushroom, Small Terrarium Kit – Vintage Glass Mushroom, Terrarium Tot Collection

I found some instructions at ehow. Also, has a few nicely styles Victorian terrariums and English Creek Gardens have beautiful cloches  and apothecary jars you can use.  And Finally, I think I can get some different plants at T and C Terrariums.   I will let you know how it all comes out.

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  1. Dr Fozia says:

    Terrarium pots are fantastic… I used to keep small plants and cacties in long neck flsaks in my lab…. I wish I had pics…

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