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Flora Grubb

Surely you have seen Flora around – She has been featured in so many of my favorite magazines and deservedly so.   She has a beautiful store in San Francisco, and impeccable taste in all things plants, pots, and garden related.  Now she has a blog…and though it has scarcely 10 posts, I am totally taken (see link at left).  Here is a bit of what Flora Grubb has been up to lately…

This courtyard garden with the concrete soaking tub and the utterly amazing wall art simply takes my breath away.

courtyard garden concrete tub, succulent wall planting.

Here is a closer look at the wall piece.

wall art from flora grubb planted wall green art succulent art

The Bardessono Hotel opened recently with tremendous hype of it’s green credentials and LEED platinum certification.  Flora created this vertical tillandsia garden for the property.  It is made of of about 800 air plants and I have to agree with flora’s assessment…it looks like lots of little fireworks.

bardessono hotel tillandsia wall detail

About a gallon of water is needed to mist the plants and the run off is less than one cup. Amazing.

bardessono hotel tillandsia wall vertical garden

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  1. Flora Grubb says:

    Hi there-

    I am glad you like our work! I love your blog, thanks for getting in touch.

  2. gerald vilkas roman says:

    Hello;In retirement mode working Part time as interior plant tech here in the albuquerque area for a large car dealership that displays tropicals and sub tropicals in the show room’s. I hate winter and want to get back to california where I am from. Do you need any part time nursery help ? If so, contact me. Thank’s. GVR

  3. I love that concrete tub above…

  4. Lena Athanasiadou says:

    i love the geometria of the succulents in the 2nd picture! thank you so much for posting it!xxx

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