Garden Trends: Blended Gardens (part 3 of 11)

February 19, 2009

Blended gardens are a trend arising from a desire to marry beauty and functionality.  It’s cool to be able to say you grew something yourself but if you don’t have extra space for a segregated vegetable garden,  you can very successfully incorporate edibles in your garden design.  Think about edging beds with lettuce, or planting rhubarb for a striking foliage accent.   For this trend, I thought I would put together some ideas for plant combinations that combine vegetables and flowers .

Cabbage, Lady’s Mantel, and Red Coleus
plant combo vegetables and flowers kale, coleus, lady’s mantel
1. rows of cabbage, 2. Lady’s Mantel, 3. Colorful Coleus

Chives and Iris (Jesse’s Song)

chives and irises plant and veg combo

Found on Garden Web

Swiss Chard and Purple Basil

plant combo swiss chard and burple basil
1. purple basil, 2. rainbow chard

Cosmos and Herb Fennel

fennel and cosmos

1. a lingering attachment for cosmos …, 2. fennel

Roses, Lavender, and Chives

roses, lavender, chives

1. Pink roses …., 2. dornröschen, 3. Lavender bokeh, 4. Pink splotches in the sunlight

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