Green Revolution in Landscape Lighting

February 3, 2009

There are so many developments coming in the world of landscape lighting.  The new designs for outdoor lighting are really exciting.  I saw all of these at Trendir and I can’t wait to use all of them.

Firewinder Outdoor Wind Light

Firewinder Light

Trendir Says: “Green and imaginative, I know they say you can’t see the wind, only what it touches, but with the Firewinder outdoor light, every time the wind blows, it begins to glow. Firewinder or the Original Windlight, a 100 percent wind-powered light, harnesses the power of the wind – a breeze makes it glow slightly and a strong wind allows it to shine brightly – to create a magical effect. It’s a brilliant addition for a porch or patio that adds light and a unique focal point. The spiral helix is what makes the wind transform into the mezmorising light. Available in October, for £98.95 (US $185) at Ecotopia.”

Invisible Tree Lights


Invisible Street Light is the design of Jongoh Lee.  The light is designed to blend with the host tree and create an unobtrusive light source.  The light conserves energy from the sunlight during the day to produce light in the evening.  The Invisible Streetlight does not need support because it wraps around tree branches making it additionally eco-conscious because it eliminates the need for light poles and construction.   Perfect for urban or rural streets as well as residential applications (I think this would be great for my very long tree lined driveway that kind of looks like the picture above).  You can learn more about the Invisible Streetlight at Coroflot but I haven’t figured out where to buy them yet…

Invisible Stree lights eco light green outdoor lights

And Finally…

The Solar Mate
Ecotopia solar light
Ok – so not so sexy to look at, but can you grasp how useful!
Trendir Says:” Solar Mate is a great portable, cordless lighting solution for a garden or shed. It can be placed wherever you want and will provide light for up to seven hours per 24 hour period. It’s got an energy-saving 12-volt bulb, which will illuminate an area of 16 sq. meters. No special tools are needed to assemble the lighting kit, all you need to buy (or find) is any standard car or caravan battery, new or old. The kit includes mountings for a roof or wall, 5 meters of cabling and connectors, 1 bulb holder and one wall switch. Solar Mate comes with a 10-year warranty. Next time you’re digging around the shed looking for a tool, or looking for a pool noodle in the dark pool house, think about Solar Mate, and how simple it could be to get ‘shed some light’ in an eco-friendly sort of way. Available at Ecotopia for £79.99 (US $148).”
Garden shed lit with solar light
I checked at Ecotopia… I am not entirely sure if they ship abroad, but I have an email in with them…when I hear I will update this post.

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