Hort Couture

February 10, 2009

One of the most exciting things that I saw at New England Grows last week is that a local grower has taken on the Hort Couture line of plants.   As a designer I love the ‘Fashion Plate’ – literally a round plant holder that is easy to carry and allows you to mix and match your plants and see what the collection will look like together.  Stylish container planting can be easily created from the collection of ‘designer plants’.

Making a grass collection…and seeing which was best as a centerpiece.

hort couture fashion plate.

I love the display and I think it is widely appealing.   The fashion plate it also a clever and organized way to bring plants to a client and show them ‘a look’.   Hort Couture has secured rights to grow coleus previously not available in the US  from the Thai Royal family, and they have many other exciting offerings for stylish plants that can be hard to get in New England (and, I assume, elsewhere too).

Hort couture display

In addition to the annuals, succulents, grasses and perennials, there are fun and exciting vegetables.  I am a kitchen gardener who likes to try my hand at anything I can’t easily get from the grocery store and this collection has plenty to offer.

Here is a collection of my favorites:

Hort couture vegetables
1. Rouge vif d‘Etampes, 2. first tomatillo, 3. Lemon Clusters, 4. Eggplant, Rosa Bianca, 5. ChioggaBeet, 6. Green Globe Artichoke Blossom

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