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Architectural Digest Round-up

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I had a really great time on Thursday at the Architectural Digest Show in NYC.   If you have a chance, you can still attend tomorrow.  If you plan to go, email me and I can let you know a coupon code for free admission.

There were some great products and artists at the show that are worth knowing about.

I particularly loved the concrete and wood benches that Douglas Thayer creates.   He is not too far from Greayer Design Associates…so I am hopeful that maybe we can work together sometime soon.


Woodard and Joe Ruggiero were displaying one of their furniture collections called Harwick.  I thought the crescent bench was nice as I think it could be played quite cottage-y, maybe a little kitsch-y, sorta Lily Pulitzer – New England or (with the right setting) modern. You Choose.

Joe Ruggiero woodard cresent shaped bench

Jardin De Ville had their Abri and Abri Cabrio tents on site (they are the same except one has a retractable roof and the other does not).  I had seen these before an thought they were a little soulless from the pictures, but in person, they were pretty nice.  I think they are a very good option for hotels and resorts looking for beach side or poolside shade structures and cabanas  – which we all know are quite trendy. They are very customizable in size and sunbrella fabric. This image is of their terrace concept.

terrace concept abro cabrio tent structure sunbrella fabric retractable

Pennoyer Newman is a company that makes garden pots that are cast from estate originals.   There seems to be more than a couple players in the market, and like the other planter makers, these are lightweight and weather resistant and an excellent container option.  Their catalog impressed me with with a few unique styles.   The modern collection is available with industrial wheels (love that) and the Chinese symbol planters are something that I haven’t seen before (at least not done this well).  The symbols are for ‘summer’, ‘spring’, ‘winter’, and ‘fall’.   And my big favorite…I think I might need these at my own property… are the Abattiore Cow and Ram busts which are copied from wooden busts outside Abattoire shops in Austria.  (FYI — I had to look it up…an Abattoire is a slaughter house).  I think mine should be in limestone…but they have other great colors as well — lead gray, matte black and terra cotta.

pennoyer newmann cow bust ram bust doern wheeled plant container and chinese symbol container planter

Hoppy Quick is a Wood Artisan from the Catskills of NY.  His woodworking skills are impressive – he is responsible for many a chainsaw bear.  But more remarkably (at least to me) is the artistry of the fences and arbors that he creates from natural wood.

hoppy quick catskills woodworking arbour fence natural wood

Parish had a beautiful recliner that I loved. Parish is a company that brings to market beautiful furniture created by Peruvian artisans. They encourage sustainable ecosystems and help build sustainable Peruvian communities.

chaise parish furniture peruvian sustainable garden furniture

And finally, my last find of the show….before I share with you (tomorrow) my biggest highlight of the show…

Elegant Garden Furniture…created by Nan Quick. Nan is a fellow New Englander, who understands that garden furniture, like all buildings and things that are exposed to the elements here, must be particularly tough. When you consider the freezing temps, the humidity and subsequent mold, and the drastic seasonal changes, you might understand how hard on structures and outdoor furniture this environment can be…(I grew up in CO — lots of snow and sunshine….but it has nothing on the harshness of New England).
Nan has created very attractive and hard wearing furniture for the garden. I was amazed at a red bench at the show that has been in her garden for three years that looked new. I loved her selection of colors and was very interested about how different colors sell better and worse in different places and countries. So intrigued that I would like to invite her to tell us all more. (working on that).
Here are some of her great pieces.

lorenzo table nan quick elegant garden furniture

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  1. louise garwood says:

    I love the benches by D THayer
    Another good source for outdoor furnishings can be found @ Design Within Reach Outdoor Collections?
    Some nice planters (Grazia)

  2. Jensen says:

    I like the color contrast of the red dinning furnitures with the dark gloomy wood color.
    Very attractive indeed.


  3. The bench you have on display blends into the natural surroundings. The garden furniture pictured not only looks like it can weather any storm, but is quite useful along with each piece’s accessories. Good stuff.

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