Plantwerkz: A Blog about Architectural Plants

June 26, 2009

Are you fascinated by the unique, the exotic, the strikingly different? I love discovering and exploring new things, so Plantwerkz, a blog created to catalog all architecturally interesting plants, is fun place for me to visit. When I travel, I always notice the plants around me and the differences from what is familiar to me. Perusing Plantwerkz collection has me longing for trips to new places for the sole reason of checking out new trees, flowers and shrubs. (Maybe in my next life I will be a plant hunter?)

Anyway, there are some amazing things to discover … it is a website well worth checking out.

draceana trees in ancient draco forest dracena

Ancient dracena tree forest

Grandidier's Baobab - Adansonia grandidieri madagascar tree

Baobab tree in Madagascar.

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  1. lance louis picayo says:

    I’m really amazed for those animals and plants. I LIKE very much the plants eating meats and the very big plants.Please post more amazing discoveries for plants and animals.

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