Daily Garden 029: Prabhakar Bhagwat

March 23, 2009

I am infinitely fascinated by what designers are creating in other countries. I find it so interesting what a different set of circumstances (economic, political, geographical, climatic, cultural, etc.) leads to in creative endeavors. Prabhakar Bhagwat is one of the only Landscape Designers in India that I know of…if there are others please inform. I have chosen a couple of gardens by this talented design team for today’s daily garden and another one for tomorrow…

Devi Gadh, Udaipur is a palace that has many courtyards. These are few pictures from the imaginative design.

indian garden design courtyard prabhakar bhagwat water feature

I love the shape and form of this water element.

indian garden design courtyard prabhakar bhagwat  swing

The tall thin swing is so appealing to me. I wonder how structurally safe it is though…

indian garden design courtyard prabhakar bhagwat

I love how modern is pretty in this shot.

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  1. hello rochelle
    i came across your blog and the pictures from our office rather by chance today! its a lovely generous blog. i am also glad to see its active, alive and kicking.
    you should see some of the work featured in the swiss competetion “private plots”, you may like some.
    we have just completely redone our website, and you may like to see it.

  2. Tejas Joshi says:

    Hello ! ! !

    Really good design…..Tall swing is really an impressive part …..but i could not understand design of courtyard & material used…..


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