Documentaries about Great Garden Designers

March 25, 2009

I am so excited to find some great videos about some of them most amazing gardens and gardeners in the world. The series has 13 episodes and each is a visually rich documentary – about a half hour long.  Check out this list of titles:

The Green World of Fernando Caruncho (I watched this one just now on Joost) – really good!!
Gardens and Squares of WEST 8 – can’t wait to see this one as I used to live at W8 6AD
The Eden Project of Tim Smit
The Mobile Gardens of Atelier Alias
The Healing Gardens of Topher Delaney – Ohh and looking forward to meeting her at Architectural digenst show later this week!!
The Private Jungles of Patrick Blanc
The Experimental Gardens of Vladimir Sitta
The Zen Gardens of Shunmyo Masuno
The Tropical Paradise of Made Wijaya
The Enchanted Gardens of Ivan Hicks
Charles Jencks Garden of Cosmic Speculation – This guy is so interesting…a physicist like myself who made something utterly unimaginable.
The Water Gardens of Anthony Paul
The Plant World of Breimann & Bruun

It looks as if most of these are available to watch by registering with  OFF The Fence.   It is going to take some time to watch each one… I will have to pull myself away from American Idol… but I am really looking forward to all of them.

garden of fernando caruncho

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  1. Bill says:

    Thanks so much for posting this, Rochelle. I found the first two of the series to be very interesting and inspiring. They are all on Joost. Just register and start watching.

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