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Michelle emailed a few weeks back about a great garden design publication from New Zealand that she is really impressed with called Alfresco. I have ordered and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the current issue and a few back copies as it looks very promising.
alfresco magazine new zealand garden design landscape

I am a magazine junkie. I buy magazines where ever I travel (unfortunately, I can often find US versions uninspiring), I don’t care if I can’t read the language, the pictures usually suit me fine. I thought I would share with you my favorites from around the world and I am hoping that like Michelle (who BTW has a great roundup of the San Francisco Flower Show on her blog) did, you might be able to open my eyes to something new that I have yet to discover. Like something in India, the Middle East, Asia, or South America…

So, here is my list…
Not exclusively garden or landscape design….but so interesting.. and I have a Kevin McCloud crush. Grand Designs.
The best garden design publication ever. Period. The Garden Design Journal.
One of the most beautiful garden magazines. Gardens Illustrated.
The magazine I miss the most. Domino.
Great for party ideas if you have kids, but the shopping is a joke. Cookie.
The best the US has to offer for Garden Design interests. Garden Design.
Full, I mean really full of all types of garden info. The Garden
Also full (but maybe only a tenth as full as the above). Fine Gardening
Really helpful (though only occasionally about the landscape) articles about construction. This Old House.
Modern and Green inspired and lots of outdoor inspiration though only quarterly. Innovative Home.
International, arty and high style (interiors and exteriors – from Australia). Belle
Great all around design magazine with a sustainability twist. Metropolis
Specifically for English style garden inspiration and nothing else. The English Garden.
If you have a fabric thing…like I do…this is scrumptiously all about textiles. Selvedge.

Eat you way through your neighborhood.  I love the whole collection…but local to me are the Edible Boston, Edible Cape Cod, Edible Nutmeg, Edible Pioneer Valley, and Edible  South Shore. Go to Edible Communications to find your own local version.

And a few that I have seen online but not in person…have you? What do you think?
Bloom – Bloom is the first trend magazine for flowers and plants and how they relate to fashion, interiors and other industries. Sounds so promising….(no website but available to buy here)
Ville e Giardini – Italian Villas and their gardens….maybe supremely pretentious????

Give me your one liner review of your favorite magazines and what you subscribe to. I am so curious.

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  1. keewee says:

    One mag I enjoy is Bird and Blooms.

  2. I’m also a glossy pulp junkie. Interesting that you choose Bloom. I used to buy and use when I was a fashion designer. It’s been around for a long time. I also love World of Interiors. Magazine I miss the most? The original Paper broadsheet. Only in NY.

  3. Jeannie says:

    Me, too! It’s a bit of a problem…hard time parting with my magazines…even bring them home from the doctor’s office.
    I also like foreign magazines…especially garden ones. I had a subscription to Scona Hem (Beautiful Home) from Sweden. Hus och Hem (House and Home) is also great. Being in Swedish makes it more tantalizing…and I pick up a bit here and there. I also like the BBC garden mags.

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