Inspiring Kids to Create a Garden Culture

March 11, 2009

Getting kids excited about gardening and growing things isn’t too hard, it’s simply fascinating to put something in some dirt, add a little water and see it turn into some else.   But I think we need to take our education of the next generation a little further.  Sure, we need to grow a lot more landscape architects, horticulturists, farmers and land managers, but (I think) we need to create a reverence and understanding of our environment in children who have other future interests.

My daughter is a budding artist and we have a couple Rosie Flo Coloring books – she and I both  love the detailed dresses.  So I am excited to see that there is a new garden inspired version because I think it is important to generate a culture of  garden minded kids.

rosie flos garden coloring book

Both of my children seem to have a scientific curiously and a natural childish love of the gross – out.  Capitalizing on that enthusiasm I think I can make an interesting and memorable point with the drink pee drink pee kit from submersible design.  The kit process is based on a pioneering biological waste treatment process being used in Switzerland.  It extracts phosphorus & nitrogen for use as a fertilizer, leaving the rest of urine almost harmless to aquatic life. I love the lessons of how our existence can hurt other living creatures, but with thought, we can create cycles for our waste that will benefit our environment.

I’m just not sure if this will help or hurt my effort to make them eat water cress and other greens.

drink pee kit urine to fertilizer water cress

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  1. rochelle says:

    really….no one has a comment about drinking pee???

  2. louise garwood says:

    kinda yuck!!!!
    great grade school science fair display, though.

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