T. Delaney & R. Greayer at the AD Show

March 30, 2009

It is not often that you get to actually meet and chat with people you admire and then find them worthy of the pedestal you have put them on.   I had this happen on Thursday when I met Topher Delaney at the Architectural Digest show in NYC.  Topher’s exhibit for the show was hand’s down the most interesting thing there.   She was showing her Braille structures.   They are beautiful pieces for the garden or an interior that place rocks in braille patterns to convey words.   I loved the little rocks and immediately thought it would be excellent for a yogic practice place (a wall of little drishdis) but my favorite –  for symbolic purposes was the piece that had big rocks and depicted the lyrics to  Willie Nelson – Will the Circle be Unbroken. One of my all time favorite songs.

rochelle greayer topher delaney architectural digest show NYC 2009

I felt I was in the presence of a wise woman and I look forward to staying in touch, working with her and continuing to admire her designs and imagination.

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  1. louise garwood says:

    thanks for sharing the Highlights of your trip with us! Topher looks tre chic and outerspacey in the red sparkles and purple satin. Topher- you totally ROCK!
    L. (a TD fan)

  2. Delphine says:


    i’ve just seen yesterday evening a documentary at the TV about Topher. She seems to be a great person and i admire her work so much. I hope to meet her one day as you did !!

  3. Hi Topher, You popped into my mind this evening, so thought I’d try and look you up. Hope all is well. Looks like you are doing amazing things, no surprise! I will always treasure the time I spent working for you. I am back in good old Alabama and taking the master gardener class at the B’ham Botanical Gardens through the University Coop Extension. All the best to you!


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