Hope in Bloom Week

April 1, 2009

Okay – I know it is already Wednesday, but for the rest of this week, I am going to be featuring the work of Hope In Bloom. Hope in Bloom was started by Roberta Dehman Hershon after her best friend, Beverly Eisenberg, was lost to breast cancer in 2005. The idea: to build gardens for people stricken with breast cancer as a way to help heal and provide peace. It was an idea hatched between Roberta and her friend while Beverly struggled with her illness.
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Here is a bit more about Hope In Bloom in Roberta’s own words.

After one of New England’s cruelest winters in recent memory, which left me with a broken wrist, I am anxious for my garden to wake up. I look forward to inhaling the scents of the season and tasting the first spring vegetables. Every day I see green shoots growing taller, I feel better. I know all too well how important it is to be optimistic and hopeful while facing challenges. When a friend and fellow gardener was diagnosed and ultimately lost her life to breast cancer, I started a non-profit called Hope in Bloom, which provides indoor and outdoor gardens free of charge at the homes of those struggling with the disease.

People living with an illness are on an emotional as well as physical rollercoaster. Hope in Bloom gardens are places where they can find inner peace and comfort. The program began in 2007 and has planted 55 gardens to date. There are currently 100+ gardens in need of funding before they can be installed. This program is fueled solely by private donations.

To learn more about the organization, lend a hand, meet some recipients, shop and tour some of our gardens, visit:

Gardens have powerful effects on members of the animal kingdom too. My cats, Jack and Leo have begun their annual ritual. Every morning, they dash outside to sniff and investigate the catnip patch. They return and relay their findings to Maggie, my indoor kitty, before they all tuck into breakfast. The day there is actually something to nibble; they will start meowing in their own private language. I always imagine they’re saying, “This smells great and is absolutely delicious. Can you believe how lucky we are to have a garden?” I couldn’t agree more.

Tomorrow, I will share a few before and after Hope in Bloom transformations and on Friday, Roberta – who was a professional Chef before turning her time towards Hope in Bloom, Is going to share her favorite garden recipe.

Hope in Bloom is in constant need of help from designers, builders and vendors to help with donations of time, expertise, containers, water elements, furniture, accessories, plants and all things that go into a garden. Contact Roberta through her website if you are interested in helping out.

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  1. louise garwood says:

    from the Underground Landscape Design blog…..

    I invite you to join us Saturday April 4th at the Virginia Thurston Healing
    Garden, a support center for women with breast cancer at 145 Bolton Road in
    Harvard. We’ll be picking up (literally) where we left off in January, clearing
    fallen limbs that were buried under the snow. We’ll be chipping and we’ll have a
    tractor to help with the heavy lifting. Bring your gloves, water bottle, and
    pruning tools if you’d like for however long you can. We start at 9am, rain or
    shine, and we’ll chop until we drop!(4pm or so)

    There’s lots to do, so bring a buddy! Food is provided, so rsvp to Lisa Bailey
    at 978.823.0935 if possible. Walk-ins welcome!!

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