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How to Make Amazing Spring Containers with Detroit Garden Works


Spring planters are going in everywhere here in New England this week. While I know that down south you are probably way past the daffodils and forsythia, it is barely beginning here. I asked the very talented Deborah Silver (a fellow northerner) of Detroit Garden Works for some ideas for spring planters and she sent some great pictures that I am using illustrate a few pointers. Spring can be tricky (at least in climates with 4 seasons), the growing season is short (i.e. is only really about 5 weeks before you can put in summer plants) and the selection of material is slim. Here are a few tips to make your spring gardens exciting.

1) Use Exciting Containers and draw colors from the surroundings. This garden highlights the purple door the whole space is very dynamic with the creative basket planters shooting up.

purple spring planter container garden design Detroit garden works interesting unique

2) Don’t plant for growth – it won’t happen. In my opinion, cell pack pansies are for pansies. Buy nothing less than an 8″ pot and then shove them together. It will save you time and will look so much better. And if you are planting commercially…or even in your home…don’t even bother with removing the pot – just put the whole thing in the ground….they won’t be there that long and it will save you time inbound and outbound.

spring planting pansies creative how to how-to (this did happen overnight)

3) Think beyond bulbs when it comes to plants. Early spring vegetables (like this Lettuce) have great color and form.

spring planter lettuce creative how-to garden

4) Group things together for more impact. A Single pot is nice, but when you put a bunch together, by adding more containers you can create a much more impact-ful display.
spring planters spring garden display

5) Use non-foliage foliage for height and interest. These central pieces are all dried or plastic grasses, painted sticks or other stems.

modern spring planters

spring planter wavy sticks and plastic grass detroit garden works

spring planter Detroit garden works

So there you go, I hope you are sufficiently inspired.  If you have a great display, send it over and I would love to share it here.

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  1. Blossom says:

    very artistic especially the last three.

  2. TINE says:

    I have had the pleasure of going to Detroit Garden Works many times. I never see Deborah’s planting repeated. It is always a plesant surprise to see what she has done. The store is AMAZING, everyone should go!

  3. Inspirational.
    Thanks for linking us in.
    Have you heard of a small gardening atelier in San Francisco call Gardens Fantasia ?
    The handsome young man who owns it is truly a gifted horticultural artisan.

    His web page loads a little on the slow side, but I think you will find that it is worth the wait.

  4. louise garwood says:

    These are gorgeous!

  5. Joy Gower says:

    It would be wonderful if you can tell us the names of plants and flowers you use please. Joy in UK

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