Is Macrame Coming Back?

April 14, 2009

I just bought a macrame hanger from modernmacrame on etsy. It will be the final touch in another bathroom makeover in my house. (will share soon).
But here is the thing…this has happened to me many times…I love something, a color, a style, an item, whatever (in this case macrame) and then it becomes very trendy… I have thought a lot about this, am I a good trend predictor? a trend setter? or should I stop flattering myself and just realize that I, like the rest of world, am being influenced by things, things that I am probably not even aware of and that these things are the root of a trend. What I am getting at is that I am completely fascinated with trends and how they get started. What do you think? What is the root of a trend? Do they all start in the same way, or different ways?

Why am I so suddenly drawn to macrame? My parents made macrame stuff when I was a kid. (child of the 70’s that I am). We were much more frugal then than I have been in the last 10 or so years…But now I am finding myself living more like my family did when I was little… is this why I am drawn to macrame? I went in search of big chunky 70’s style knots… but I when I found Modern Macrame, I knew I had the perfect mix of my childhood crossed with my more current design aesthetic… this is the one I almost bought (love the red and light hemp color).

modern macrame planter for the garden candle holder planter

Here are a few more lovely pieces…. I am wishing for trees with lower branches around my patio so that I can buy more to hang this summer….

modern macrame planters for the garden trend candles

What do you think….is it an emerging trend? Or am I just craving something off the wall??

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  1. Sheila Hawthorne says:

    You just inspired me to hang the one I made for a 4-H project when I was 15 years old! It’s been sitting in my closet. I’m going to hang it outside this summer – who knows – maybe it will start a trend! I need to find a really cool pot and plant to put in.

  2. Mirelis Delgado says:

    Macramé its always “IN”. I have three myself and every time people see them they ask me where they can get it. I got a book which teaches you how to twelve years ago from a classmate!
    Its relaxing!!

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