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Shed Chic – Book Review

April 16, 2009

I am so excited to be doing my first book review on this site.  (Like a real one, for a ‘not yet released book’).   My copy of  Shed Chic: Outdoor Buildings for Work, Rest, and Play by Sally Couthard and published by Universe, arrived yesterday and I immediately spent a few hours with it taking in all the beautiful pictures.  It is a bit like Domino magazine but for your dis-used shed or a brand new one that you hope to create.   The book is filled with inspirational photos of well designed garden sheds and is as much a book for interior enthusiasts as it is for garden creators.

sally couthard universal publishing shed chic book review

With the idea that everyone needs a haven, and that your backyard or garden can be the perfect place to find it, Sally has gathered a collection of illustrative images depicting styles of sheds; from from large to small, traditional to contemporary, along watersides, in log cabins and even in converted gypsy caravans (where you would get one of these in the USA is beyond me…but it is fun to imagine anyway). Clearly UK based, it made me nostalgic for living and visiting England. Don’t be tempted to though to think it useless outside the Isles, it has sources for architects, designers, furniture and shed makers both in England and the USA.

Sheds are a garden place but they don’t have to be a garden space. Sally discusses and shares ideas for using your garden retreat as a work space, a playhouse, guest quarters, an entertaining area or simply as a place to relax. The book is well organized, easy to read and most importantly a visual feast. It arrives on bookshelves April 28th, but you can pre-order it from Amazon

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  1. jennifer sundeen says:

    oooohhh studio g, it’s last minute nelly here looking for the shabby shed contest. was it my misunderstanding that we had until MIDNIGHT of thursday to write in 3 random things? some of us blog readers go into the wee hours of the night, you know.

    it is currently 11:25p.m. of april 23rd, so JUST IN CASE you are willing to consider those that work best under last minute pressure, here are three random things about myself:

    1. i collect magic hat bottle caps. my favorite one says, ‘nothing could be better than a beer with eddie vedder,’ taken from a magic hat #9 the night before the ed vedder ‘into the wild’ concert. that was the same show where i won first row seats and he shook my hand.
    2. i love the smell of beer on a man’s breath.
    3. i am an ‘arkie’ (from arkansas) who considers herself well above those okies (i.e. the other contestant shanna from oklahoma) and can do the biggest baddest pig suey you ever did hear. ‘oooooooooooooooohhhhhh pig suuuuuuueeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy!!!!’

    thanks for the contest. if i win, i will FINALLY clear out the garage and buy that shed i’ve been waiting 12 1/2 years for. if perchance victory escapes me, does Sally have a book called ‘groovy garages’? i could use some help!

  2. Sheds Leicestershire says:

    Nice post……..with useful info……Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

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