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50 Natives: Nebraska: Coreopsis (varieties) – Tickseed

Have you heard this joke….Why is it so windy in Wyoming?…because Nebraska s**ks….(I am from CO – I can’t help myself – please Nebraskans, try to understand 😉 )….but really, there are redeeming qualities…the flatness can be beautiful and if you catch yourself driving along the highway and come across a field of wildflowers in the early morning light…it can take your breath away.

When I think of Mid-western prairies I think of tick seed (even though some varieties are native to nearly the whole of the USA). Such a happy little flower (do I sound like Bob Ross now?) that will perform for you even if you don’t deserve it.  That is to say – use it and abuse it…it will happily flower away in poor dry soils. Gotta love that.

All about native plant Tickseed - coreopsis

1. coreopsis tinctoria, 2. IMG_2034web, 3. my mom’s tickseed, 4. tickseed, 5. Coreopsis (aka Tickseed), 6. A Late Summers’ Day, 7. foggy eve, with flowers, 8. Tickseed Sunflower, 9. Lance-leaf tickseed, Lance-leaved coreopsis (Coreopsis lanceolata)

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