Connections & The Story of My BHG Bathroom Photo Shoot

May 6, 2009

Yesterday was so eyeopening.  I loved having Stacy, Brian, Becky and Avery in my home yesterday.  They were the team that came from Better Homes and Gardens to photograph my bathroom.  It was fun to watch them work.  But the day was a bit more eyeopening than I thought it would be…the day changed my way of thinking about the power of blogging, tweeting, and connecting with each other though all of our technology.

You might remember how it got started…with a post from a few months back… Design*Sponge featured my bathroom makeover in their weekly before and after feature.  It was fun to hear from so many people and I will definitely send Grace more pictures of finished house projects as I complete them.  Grace’s post was noticed by Rachel at Better Homes and Gardens and they contacted me to do a photo shoot for their magazine.  I love how one thing leads to another to make life more full and fun.

Yesterday when they were here working their magic, Stacy (the talented stylist) made a tweet about how she used a sharpie to color in towels to make the picture just right…see her post…aren’t they cute?

towels stacy kunstel stylist

Image by Stacy Kunstel.

…but I don’t think you want to wash your face  with them….but here is the amazing thing…within an hour of her tweet about using a sharpie to  color in the towels, a PR person for Sharpie contacted her about her tweet!!! Really.  How cool is that that.

About an hour after that, we got the call from our school principal about Swine Flu in our little town and the school shutting down…so I tweeted that – it was the first time my tweet seemed to have a point to me…I felt so empowered…like I was breaking news… but more importantly, like every time I tweet, something unknown and cool could happen….like the time when I sent some pictures to Grace at Design*Sponge and the next thing I know I have a photo shoot going on in my bathroom.

So I am hooked now on tweeting…and I am hooked on meeting people and talking with them and the power of this blog and the power of the tweet.  What is my point?..I am all over this tweeting thing now…I wasn’t before…follow me if you want to

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  1. stacystyle says:

    Such a great story! I’m so glad you wrote about it!

  2. Thanks for sharing your great personal light bulb moment regarding Tweeting and social networking. Sometimes it is a bit hard to really connect the dots between the effort it can take and the potential payoff. In the meantime I am enjoying everyone that I meet when I tweet!

    Tricia – Avolli

    P.S. Love your blog and happy to have found it through Stacy’s tweet

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