Lucy Slivinski Re-cycled Garden Sculptures

May 4, 2009

I am amazed at the beautiful things that Lucy Slivinski is creating from junk yard scraps. Take tailpipes, scrap metal, old bed springs, even old aluminum lawn chairs and she has turned them in the remarkable sculptures for the garden. Based in the Midwest, she also makes some pretty amazing and interesting works from corn (stalks, husks, ears)….see her website for more.

lucy slivinski garden artworks from recycled materials

This though, is my favorite…from the Chicago Botanic Garden…made of old lawn chairs.

lucy slivinski recycled garden lawn chair sculpture chicago botanic garden

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  1. louise garwood says:

    Wonderful! I especially like the bedspring octopus.. or whatever it is- great form

  2. michelle d. says:

    thanks for introducing us to Lucy.
    what a talent !
    when the high end landscape architectural biz slowed down to a snails pace a few months ago I took on a part time job working for a local sculptor.
    the pay stinks in comparison to my landscape design work but I am keeping busy in the creative realm and that is priceless.
    I’ll share Lucy’s work with some of my fellow sculptors.
    thanks again for linking us up.

  3. Hi Michelle,
    Thanks so much!

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