Inspired by The Preppy Student -A garden design moodboard

June 17, 2009

Did you have to wear a uniform for school?  I didn’t, but after living in England, I have to say, I developed an affinity for the idea.  It seemed to me to be such a part of the culture and style of the country. (not to mention being charming to my American eye, and interestingly unique from school to school).  So, considering my biases, when I think about my latest selection, I immediately think of a totally old school English garden (with some modern twists).

preppy fashion by can't not know

image by Can’t Not Know

Great Dixter is my imaginary home for this garden….it looks something like this.   I think this little garden would be somewhere over behind the hedges, on a patio just off the house.

great dixter garden by antonychammond

image by antonychammond

dedon edinburgh chair modern tartan garden outdoor furniture

The Edinburgh chair is part of a new collection from dedon.  They have some other very interesting styles including french and Scandinavian inspired designs.

antler garden folly feature

1. The Collector Earl’s Garden, 2. Is Merlin home?

I am kind of loving this OTT  antler folly, but I think an old school garden such as this could (should) have some smaller antler type of accessory ( you know, souvenirs from the hunt), maybe make a light fixture, or a table or little antler vignette…. with a stag horn fern.

stag horn fern from fernatic

Found at Fernatic.

rounders and jenga garden games from handpicked

Lawn games…British inspired.  I say tom8to, you say tomahto, I say Jenga, you say ‘Tumble Tower’….either way, a great garden game.  Or perhaps Rounders (I say, sort of like baseball?)?

The Jaques Tumble Tower and Rounders games from The Handpicked Collection .

new hampshire made pewter tea service rosewood and outdoor tea cart

Made in New Hampshire by Gibson Pewter, this beautiful pewter tea set with rosewood handle will be perfect for our school girl when she comes home for afternoon tea….rolled in to the garden on the Garden Tea Caddy. (though I am not sure about those wheels…could be a bit dodgy – do you like how I am using brit lingo?)

onslow park water fountian garden

This classic fountain from Architectural Heritage fits our classic with a modern twist (love that spout).

And to top is all off a selection of rich colored plants.  Ivy to cover the walls, pretty yellow nerines, green hydrangea, and stately delphinium.  What do you think?  would you add anything?  I would love to hear.

ivy nerine hydrangea green delphinium red rose
1. Green Hydrangea wedding flowers, 2. Lycoris aurea, 3. red, 4. hydrangea, 5. Green ivy wall 15 – detail, 6. DSC_6096tz Delphinium elatum royal purple close-up

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  1. Keith says:

    Lovely ideas. If it’s British garden games you’re looking for, croquet and giant chess would be more appropriate than rounders and Jenga (we do call it Jenga over here too!)

    • rochelle says:

      keith – I thought you called it jenga…I used to live in the UK..but I often find I can confuse myself about the differences…so when I saw tumble tower on the product website I thought I was just away for too long.

  2. louise garwood says:
    I think the romance and innocence of the unmown meadow may be just the necessary contrast to our clipped hedging- the mowed strolling path and profuse Bluebells(?) may be just the antidote for our young dreamer-surely this young woman has more on her mind than schoolwork…
    Gilly Brown of London and Cheshire has lovely portfolio images ..
    or what about my horticultural hero PietOudolf?
    thanks rochelle!

  3. louise garwood says:

    OOps meant to include these playful seats that could also become game pieces..?
    from design public website..

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