Concrete + Slate: A Garden Design Cost Saver

June 18, 2009

Even more so than normal, my clients want to explore cost alternatives.  Understandable. So when I saw this clever design, I immediately filed it away in my possible garden design savings ideas folder (in my brain).

Poured concrete is by comparison to others, a rather inexpensive paving option.  But poured concrete looks like, well, poured concrete.  Yes, I know it can be stamped and stained and all sorts of things, but it is still concrete and I personally prefer a material to celebrated for what it is, rather than to try and make it resemble something it isn’t.   I have yet to meet a client that doesn’t prefer the look of natural stone, so this seems like a great way to rein in costs that looks great too.

concrete and slate - inexpensive walkway upgrade
concrete and slate laid together for a cost effective way to upgrade a walkwayThe mix of concrete with squares of slate actually makes the slate look better, don’t you think? I am trying to envision this with all slate and I really think it would not be as nice. Having the break between the slate and the containers make you notice more how well they play together. Yeah! for Nicholas Forbes Thayer at Late Afternoon Gardens for a great design.

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