Old Boxwood Inspiration

June 22, 2009

I am so uninspired today, I am forcing myself to cast about for things that might get my creative juices going…..when I remembered that I visited one of my favorite nurseries a week or so ago and saw these. They literally made me gasp.

old boxwoods

Jim at Select Horticulture where I saw these told me that these were planted in 1950, so they are about 60 years old. You may not be able to tell but these are 8+ ft tall and about 6 ft wide. Not for the fainthearted, these are quite expensive, I would love to see the lush green garden that they eventually make their way into.

A visit to Select Horticulture always excites me, do you have anything you do when you are in need of a jolt of inspiration?

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  1. Wow — I have never, ever seen boxwoods this huge. Impressive! And, I might be one of the few people who love, love the smell. I don’t think they smell like cat pee!

  2. louise garwood says:

    Awesome stature- I wonder how they winter them over? I lost two 6′ iIex crenata on a project that were set in stone planters for the year…didnt like the freeze thaw of late winter i guess.
    We have gotten some dandy dogwoods of good size( 12′-31/2-4″cal.) from Jim in the past.
    Nice stuff.
    For inspiration I love to troll the Mt. Auburn Cemetary, or an arboretum with 80+ yr old trees, several in amherst on UMASS campus in the Durfee Gardens- an unbelievably huge Gingko!- truly a thing of beauty- in winter i snuggle up to the palms and orchids at greenhouses on Mt Holyoke and Smith campus. My comrades!

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