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Ivel Stoneware’s Stacked Stone Features

As a big fan of Andy Goldsworthy’s stacked stone projects (and all his other stuff too) I am completely drawn to Chis Wheeler of  Ivel Stoneware’s designs.   There are simply three products in the whole line.  The tall vase water feature, the short vase water feature and the planter, but I honestly think that they are so interesting that you really don’t need anything else.

I am assuming you all know Andy Goldsworthy – and I guess I probably shoudn’t  –  he seems so huge to me and is one of my all time favorite artists, but as I think more, I think I should introduce you formally…I will scan some pics tomorrow from all my favorite books and share with you – just in case.

Anyway, trust me….this is so Goldsworthy inspired… and if you love  that, I think you will love these pieces.  As I do.

ivel stoneware stacked stone planters and water features garden design

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  1. janet says:

    I love Andy Goldsworthy too! I especially like his work with icicles, leaves in streams and stone walls.

  2. michelle d. says:

    The inspiration from Goldsworthy really comes through from these pieces.
    I also see some inspiration from Indonesia. When I was there a few years ago I saw a lot
    of chipped stone and stone pebbles stacked into forms very similar to this.
    Recently, while shopping at an upscale nursery in Marin I saw that they were importing these same pebble and chipped stone pots from Indonesia.
    Seems like a good importer got their hands on some pots and is importing them into the U.S.
    We’ll probably see lots of pots like this soon , assuming they debuted at the N.Y or CA gift and trade show.

  3. Sheila H says:

    Those are so cool! That would be perfect for one area of my garden! How much would £295 be in U.S. currency?

  4. I am a huge Andy G fan. I love all his work. I loved his movie too…

  5. invisiblebees says:

    These are wonderful! I’m in love with the short vase water feature! I agree with michelle d. — these seem like a great new “trend” of materials for garden pots and sculpture.

    A few years ago, I visited Frank Lloyd Wright’s Kentuck Knob, now a privately owned home and sculpture center. They have a Goldsworthy on the property. It was my favorite part of our visit.

  6. louise garwood says:

    ditto goldsworthy..Rivers and Tides is a fascinating portrait.
    Check out Dan Snows blog re: dry laid stone work
    I recommend taking the tour of his garden work in Vt- really wonderful stuff.

  7. Helen says:

    I love these vessels! Such classic shapes done in such unique material. A perfect focal point in a garden.

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