Landscape Hotel Trends: SLS Beverly Hills

July 7, 2009

I am fascinated by the design of the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills.  The hotel designed by among others Phillipe Starke is a fascinating break in style and trends for the outdoor spaces of hospitality properties and hotels.

Take the front entrance.  It is welcoming and inviting, but in the way that a garage sale of holds  visual appeal and draws you in with the invitation to come take a closer look at the details.   Unlike typical grand hotel entrances which are wide and open, this entrance is a cluttered mix of pots and mis-matched furniture and odd objects surrounding a comparably narrow entrance.

front entrance of the SLS hotel Beverly hills

image from eater LA

Up on the roof top, the pool deck is also very interesting.  The ‘framed views’ of LA are exciting.  I enjoy the mix of oversized frames that line the balcony and literally ‘frame the view’ but it again ads to the cluttered and somewhat messy effect.  Couple the frames with the human sized pots and the Phillipe Starke influence can certainly be seen.   What I find interesting though is the proximity of the lounges to the water.  There seems to be almost no room to move.  I can’t help but wonder if this is purely as a function of fitting the most into a small space or if this will be a trend in pool design.  (that is pool furniture that begins to overlap the edge of the pool and blur the lines between the deck and the water).

sls hotel pool pig

The apple serving pig in the water is an interesting touch that I like for many reasons.

sls pool deck

the bazaar restaurant sls hotel

image from exile kiss

sls hotel pool deck

image from Sophie Donelson
What do you think of this design? I certainly can take some ideas and inspiration, like the frames… and maybe the pig. What is your favorite part of this design?

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  1. michelle d. says:

    It’s a disaster.
    You called it right when you said it looks like a garage sale.
    It looks like the duh-signers took bits and pieces from the Mondian, the worst of Las Vegas and The Standard Hotel and came up with a poorly conceived , aesthetically poor and functionally bi-polar duhsign.

  2. rochelle says:

    michelle – I do agree, it is a bit of a caricature of other much more successful designs.

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