Taking Inspiration from Jeff Shelton

Let me introduce you to Jeff Shelton.  He is one of those modern day architects that is creating buildings and places that will be treasured and remembered for generations to come.  To me that is the type of design worth celebrating…that which endures and earns its place in the story of our communities and common communal history.

jeff shelton architect via

His buildings are full of personality and seem to fit an urban Californian lifestyle don’t you think?

Working on a garden for such a building would be a dream as I think it would be fun to extend the whimsical nature.  There are lots of ideas to take from these pictures though….here is what I am noticing.

1) I love the ‘outside the building’ curtains.

2) Curvy railings that make space for planters are genius

3) Art in the garden  – and not just ornament

4) Details like the painted edge around the door that perfectly fits with the brick paving pattern of the front door step.

5) And do I need to point out that if you can design a house that has a cow where a chimney pot should be – and it looks cool, you must be talented.

images of jeff shelton's buildings architect

What are your favorite things from Jeff’s portfolio?

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  1. michelle d. says:

    It looks like Jeff channels Antonio Gaudi’s spirit in his design work.
    I enjoyed his work very much and would love to live in one of his buildings.
    Of course, I would live in a shack as long as it was in Santa Barbara !
    Thanks for introducing us to this unique building artist.
    P.S. – I too, would love to do some landscape architectural and or horticultural craftswomanship on these properties.

  2. Susan aka Miss R. says:

    Jeff’s work has everything I like in design–personality, reverence and reference, humor and genus loci. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  3. Helen says:

    Love the homes and huts. So creative and wonderful! Had a look at the website too and his business cards are as irreverent and fun as the buildings with crazy little drawings. Thanks for showing us this talented artist.

  4. christine says:

    i’ve been lucky enough to go inside the tall narrow house in the photos. A friend was housesitting and hosted a dinner party. It’s an amazing story, an almost impossible site to build on smack in the middle of the city. It’s a fun house full of great details. The real treat is the roof – what a view! Jeff Shelton is truly a great designer with great clients.

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