The Dark Planet from David Harper

August 7, 2009

Though internationally famous for making the best sundials around, David Harper has lead an inspiring life. His previous careers included being an apprentice thatcher, potter, rock-climbing teacher and the owner of a travelling theatre barge in Europe. Clearly a he is a man of passion and have to tell you I am obsessed with one of his pieces. Though not a sundial it is a beautiful piece of sculpture, possible water feature, and a light feature.

dark planet stone ball sculpture river stone black water feature

planet night stone rock garden ball light feature sculpture

black river stone sphere texture

The Dark Planet, as this piece is called just one beautiful creation. It is well worth a visit to David’s site to see his other work which includes sundials, of course, but other beautiful garden sculpture that are is perfect for both residential and private spaces as well as commercial and public spaces. His designs are beautifully featured around the world at hotels, major business centers, schools, and private homes.

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  1. Susan aka Miss R. says:

    Love it. Have long been a fan of Harper’s sundials and armillaries. Spheres can be so interesting when used to advantage in many gardens. Floating on water and made from stone makes it more intriguing–the light just rocks it. (no bad pun intended)

  2. Chuck says:

    Outstanding, unique…I like it.

  3. louise garwood says:

    Harber ‘s Ethereal stuff is great. Light and water play on the waferlike surfaces- constant motion but the overall form is that of sturdy sentinel. So interesting.

  4. Sprout says:

    Ooooh! Reminds me of mussels at the shore…so very tactile…

  5. private says:

    I love the shot with the dog, placed on the axis, echoing the color, yet highlighting the contrast between black stone and black fur. So amusing!
    The piece is great too. I love these stones, and always wanted to compose something with these and slate and black mondo grass, and maybe a sambuca. I wonder what kind of adhesive is used here, and whether it gets full of spiderwebs.

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