Landscape Destination : Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado

September 14, 2009

It is with a certain sense of Colorado girl pride that I share with you this landscape destination.  A Colorado ghost town turned knock your socks off landscape destination, Dunton Hot Springs has turned this tiny little frontier town into a beautiful Luxury resort.  If you are craving the Rockies and have a helicopter at the ready, this is the place for you.  And if not, well, you can join me in a little desktop travel for a peek at the spectacular scenery and the light but effective touch of the landscape designer (not sure who that is….) who helped create this beautiful place.

Colorado landscape destination - Dunton Hot springs

I have little to say…I think these pictures speak louder than words.

Colorado landscape destination - Dunton Hot springs

Colorado landscape destination - Dunton Hot springs

The nightly rates can be as extraordinary as the scenery , but if you have a group, there are cabins that sleep 10 whose rates could be quite reasonable when shared.  Similarly, if you are looking to host a destination wedding, and have a Colorado Ghost Town backdrop in mind, their ‘rent the town’ rates are also worth considering.

Dunton Hot Springs - Genus Loci Landscape destination in Colorado

Colorado landscape destination - Dunton Hot springs

These natural pools are so beautiful.  I think about being that woman and I have this funny thought about being on the set of a Bonanza episode (OK so it’s not Nevada) and while I am having a relaxing break from my modern world, I daydream that  Little Joe and Adam Cartwright ride up majestically to clean up in my beautiful little hot spring pool before continuing home from a long journey.   Ahh, wouldn’t that be nice? I can see it, can’t you? 😉

Dunton Hot Springs Fire Pit - Garden Destination in Colorado

Wow, this really makes me long for home.  It really is the best of Colorado style and outdoor living in a simple and nature reverent way.  Are you wishing you were here right now?  I am. Fall is my favorite time of year, and I am sure the crisp air and aspen trees are beginning to be at their best.

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  1. invisiblebees says:

    I think my husband and our best friends will start saving our pennies now. Wow! Just beautiful!

  2. how it grows says:

    Wish I was there!

  3. michelle d. says:

    I use to go to Dunton when I was a ski bum living in Telluride in 1982-3.
    Back then it was free and then went up to a few dollars per person by the end of the second year that we would make drive.
    I haven’t checked the website to see how much it costs now but I’m sure it takes advantage of the new high income revenue that now lives in nearby Telluride.
    Dunton was always the funnest in the winter months when we would jump from the super hot springs into the snow.
    Talk about a head freeze ! Wow !
    Nice photos.
    I’m too scared to look at their website to see how much they charge now.

    • rochelle says:

      wow michelle – such an interesting and full life you have lived! you really should check and see the cost…then you can revel in the great deal you once had….

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