The Flower Drying Shed at the Clock Barn: Carlisle, MA

October 1, 2009

Last weekend, the Garden Conservancy held an open garden day in the Boston Area.  There were two gardens on the tour and after visiting them both,  I have so much to share about each of them with you.  I need to get my images organized for more posts, but first I wanted to show you my favorite idea and images of the day.

The Clock Barn Farm and garden in Carlisle, MA  was truly one of the best gardens I have ever seen.  It was a place that made me both completely envious and inspired to create the same feel at my own home.  The site was truly a haven for a gentleman (person) farmer-gardener.

picture-290The Drying barn was my favorite place.  The drying racks (tilted presumably for better drying) were filled with statice, celosia, baby’s breath and other dried flower and seeds.  Standing in this barn surrounded by all the rustic implements of of a good and long standing gardener and the harvested fruits of the labor — really could turn anyone into a farmer.

flower drying shed at the clock barn garden carlisle ma

picture-294freshly picked tomatoe in the drying barn of clock farm in carlisle massachusetts on the garden conservancy open day boston


All sorts of garden fertilizers, feed and seed, were stored in these aluminum garbage pales.  In my own barn I use recycled cat litter containers that I have painted brown so as to not be so ugly, but I have to say, while I love my recycled boxes, there is something about the beauty of aluminum against the patine of an old barn that is so charming and pretty, that I already bought two small cans today at my local hardware store.

seed drying racks in the dryi8ng barn at clock farm in carlisle massachusetts garden conservancy open days boston

This antique seed drying rack was full of bits of flowers and plants waiting for next year.

picture-298My own barn has a dirt floor and I had thought I would have a concrete pad poured to clean it up, but now I think that would be simply blasphemous – it really needs a wood floor.  I am not sure how to go about this…adding a floor that is….but I just want nothing more than to re-create the ambiance of this barn at my own home.

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  1. Sheila H says:

    Rochelle – these pictures are great! Love all those dried flowers hanging from the ceiling and drying on the racks. I would be in heaven visiting a place like that! It made me miss the childhood barn that I grew up. I had a chance to have my own barn but unfortunately we lost to a higher bidder. I’m envious that you have a barn to have fun with! Your barn does deserves wood flooring rather than concrete! Did you ever get your hex sign painted on the barn this summer?

  2. Carol says:

    Rochelle this is a lovely post and brings back memories for me, as I once raised tons of flowers for drying and had them hanging everywhere… only in my house! I used to make wreaths, arrangements and teach classes. I do miss the feeling that your photos so perfectly convey… that of a continuation of a garden… a textured colorful palette… a country atmosphere. I love the wooden barrel with all the old tools. I recently restored my barn and put just barn siding on the floor… allowing it to get worn a bit before oiling it. This may not be the best idea but it was very economical. I use the barn as a studio and do not wear shoes inside. Good luck with your barn! Carol

  3. Rochelle, glad you enjoyed the Open Day at these late season gardens; thanks for the post. I’m really enjoying your blog.

    • rochelle says:

      Stephanie – I am a huge fan of the garden conservancy– and would love to be more involved with the organization. Having lived in England for a while and seen how wonderful the National Trust and other organizations like it can be both for the public and the owners of the cherished properties, I am happy that we here in the US have an organization doing the same valuable work.

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