Warning: This Post has Nothing to do with Gardens – But it’s a Good Holiday Story

December 20, 2009

I have to share an exciting moment with you (well hopefully).  The snowy Nor’easter might ruin it.  Our good friends just dropped off their 2 little people (who are best friends with my two little people) – and as I sit here watching the news, I imagine that they might be that singular car the news guy says is working it’s way down the Mass Pike at 5 mph on its way to Logan Airport.  I so hope they make it.  They are headed to Washington DC – they have been invited to the White House Christmas Party.  (wow! – right – and they do actually have a real invitation and aren’t trying to get on to Real House Wives of Harvard, MA).

white house christmas party

My good friend is a political consultant and while I haven’t entirely figured out what that job entails, it does mean that she get some cool invites – like today, to the white house holiday party.  My role in this story goes beyond babysitter though.  See, I have this skirt that I bought about 6 years ago at a sample sale during London Fashion Week.  It was ridiculously expensive given it is the type of skirt that I may never have an occasion to  wear.  When I plopped down my cash in a moment of reckless shopping abandon, my friend who was with me at the time and I discussed how this would be the perfect skirt to wear to an elegant winter party in Aspen (cause I go go alot of those, right).  It is a full length camel colored cashmere wool skirt with a dark gold velvet hem.  It’s high waisted, slightly mermaid like in fit, and has a small sweep in the back.  It is de-vine.  And it fits my friend as perfectly as it fits me.

Can I tell you how utterly excited that my perfect, never been worn, totally aspirational skirt is (hopefully) going to finally be worn to an event that it was made for! My skirt is going to the White House Christmas Party today!  And it’s not just my skirt, but also a vintage necklace, and one of my bake-lite bracelets, and a pair of garnet earrings that my husband bought for me (he is excited too).  Here is what will make my day – when my friend goes to have her picture taken with Barack and Michelle Obama, I hope Michelle tells her she looks beautiful and that she likes her outfit…I will take that compliment, totally vicariously, and feel like a fashion rock star.  It will be a perfect design moment…the perfect thing in the perfect place at the perfect moment…I am so excited…fingers crossed that their flight isn’t canceled and they make it….I’ll keep you updated.  Oh snow, go away.

Update: 2:35pm Sunday Dec. 20th – My friends have to be at White House in 25 minutes…and they arrived in Baltimore (which is not the National Airport that was planned) a couple hours ago.  Presumably they have been able to make the drive in time… the skirt is going to the party!

Update: 8:30 pm – The party was great – though a couple hundred people missed the event for weather.   Michelle Obama said to my friend (while holding her hand and kissing her cheek) “Look at you, you look so pretty” — success!! here is a quick pic of our friends at the party…though you can’t see the fab skirt –  I will try to post more pictures if I can get my hands on them. Oh, and all the little people are in bed…

white house christmas party

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  1. James A-S says:

    And the Fairy Godmother said to Cinderella
    “Stop crying , my dear, it will all be fine.”
    and with that waved her wand and said
    “Cinders, you shall go to the ball….
    sort of….
    at least your camel coloured cashmere skirt with dark gold velvet hem will.”

  2. The skirt…the skirt…dying to see that caramel casmere gem!

  3. Chuck says:

    It would be so cool to go to the White House. That’s would be it.

  4. Ulla says:

    Well, this is one case of reckless abandon that has paid off handsomely. However, will the skirt ever go to the dry cleaner’s now that is has marinated in the rarified White House air? Will it be displayed under glass? Will friends and family mark each Christmas Season with references to this stellar event?

    Did the thought of your skirt attending the fabulous White House party inspire you to attempt the croquembouche after all?

    Happy Boxing Day!

  5. Helen Morris says:

    Lovely, lovely blog. Will we get to see this outfit?

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