Before & After: Aussie Rooftop

January 21, 2010

australian rooftop garden makeover before and after

It’s Secret Gardens of Sydney – again – with an impressive garden makeover.

australian rooftop garden makeover before and after

australian rooftop garden makeover before and after

australian rooftop garden makeover before and after

australian rooftop garden makeover before and after water feature

rooftop garden hottub austraila skyline city garden

rooftop garden australia terrace

australian garden rooftop terrace

It is a pretty fabulous transformation and a place I would love to see in person.  Rooftop gardens have such dramatic potential with all the un-natural views and I think this garden does a good job of maximizing the effect.  I actually think I might get a little queasy going down those steps.  At night it must be trully remarkable.  I am impressed too with the interesting planting.  The mix of grasses to create the effect of wildness next to the pom pom shrub next to the modern shaped little pond is so pretty and dynamic.  Without a doubt this is my favorite part.  What are you noticing in this garden. What is your favorite element?

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  1. Christine B. says:

    I am noticing the contrast between the warm wood of the decking and the cool, dark colored building and roof. Also the boxiness of the outdoor furnishings. The green of the plants is really easy on the eyes amongst all the concrete and steel views. A great transformation! One thing that would bother me: the jacuzzi isn’t very private, is it?

    Christine in Alaska

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