Factory 20 for your ‘Weathered & Treasured’ Garden Design Needs

January 12, 2010

Predicted by many as another big design trend for 2010 is what I am calling “weathered and treasured”.

factory 20 lighting for the garden vintage

Benjamin Moore defined this trend:

“Treasured” is the third trend, where natural aging and weathering enhance the design. Jordan cites the Rough Luxe Hotel in the United Kingdom, where the original layers of peeling paint and ancient wallpaper are still visible on the walls. This ‘less-than-perfect aesthetic’ also includes the use of distressed leather, vintage tapestries, found objects, and patina.”

factory 20 vintage garden furniture

All of these interesting pieces are from Factory 20 and I think they would each be exciting additions to a garden’s decor.  The patina and style quotient is huge given that each is a one off, vintage find.

factory 20 vintage garden art wall hangings

That one above is a vintage Steel Belgian Harbor Buoy (in case you were scratching your head, as I was at first).  And at the bottom of the furniture collection, that is a screen, waiting for the outdoor fabric to make it awesome.  I think a screen that I could move around to to block whatever project is half done or under construction in my garden would be quite handy.  I would put it to good use for years.

miscellaneous garden acc essories from factory 20

Here is what I think can be the hardest part about using one man’s trash as your treasure….sometimes, if you have too much “trash” it can kind of look like, well, trash.  But here are my tips for making this look work. First, keep it neat and tidy – The contradiction of something aged but well maintained is always interesting.  For example, plant a perfectly pruned boxwood in the old oil barrels, or also just as interesting, fill it with one type of grass (perhaps a nice pennisetum that will fill the container and make a flowy top).   Also, mix it up; put a barrel on a sleek modern patio to take the edge off the coldness of too much hardscaping.

vintage garden fire accessories

I am so excited about this trend as it suits my recycle, reuse, and re-purposing mantra….AND it looks great!

I have a couple more trends that I am exploring (trend week is officially extended)….. but I am curious, what design trends do you think will be big this year for garden design?

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  1. Louise says:

    trends and inspirations- i want to share this dominique browning presentation from 2006 on the international new garden design and her book. Its quite wonderful and very inspiring- even though dated (pre-economic crash) but great ideas from great designers. Enjoy!

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