Blog of the Week: Gardening Gone Wild

March 10, 2010

front garden ideas from gardeing gone wild nancy ondra

Introducing you to a great blog sometimes seems a little a little mean.  When I find a new favorite, I frequently end up loosing time I don’t have.  Do you find the same? So it goes when I dove into Gardening Gone Wild.  It is an abundance of great features.  My favorites are the garden design workshops where discussion ensues about all sorts of garden design specific challenges.   These images were all from the recent posts about front gardens and garden gates.

garden design ideas from gardening gone wild

The site is written by a gaggle of contributors which makes it even more varied and interesting, but the main hosts are Fran Sorin and Nancy Ondra.
It has some great photography and even a regular garden photography contest where you can contribute your own images (I am perusing mine to see if there are any up for the challenge).  And if you too, are a garden related blogger there is a whole section dedicated to resources for bloggers – I have been online for some time, I have to say there are many links and sites that I have never heard of.  Its well worth the few hours that you might loose.

garden design ideas for gates gardening gone wild

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  1. Christine B. says:

    Yup, I have had the time-warp happen while reading GGW. I look at the clock and realize I have been snooping on their site for an hour…the pics are fabulous there!

    Christine in Alaska

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